Jalapeño Lemonade

Right before Lent hit me in the face, I went to The 13th Annual Luau hosted by LeeAnn and Heather. I decided that Jalapeño Lemonade should be on the menu. There are several recipes floating around the interwebz, one of which I found last year and shared with my mom who made it. She also strayed from it a bit, but since I saw her make it, I decided to do it the way she did.


  • 5-6 Lemons, juiced
  • 1c Sugar
  • 1 Jalapeño
  • 1c Tequila
  • 4c water

I doubled this. Because why not? I also added increased the tequila because I thought it was a little weak. I used a handle… came out to about 3 cups ish. Kinda.

First, you need to make a simple syrup infused with jalapeño. Put one cup sugar, one cup water, and a jalapeño cut lengthwise in half in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and boil for five minutes so that it gets all concentrated.

Simple syrup... remember I doubled mine

Simple syrup… remember I doubled mine

Second, squish all the lemons! I also added a squished lemon to the simple syrup. You don’t have to if you don’t want. I just thought it was appropriate.



Combine the simple syrup, lemon juice, water, and tequila. Serve over ice.

You can use a fancier container if you like...

You can use a fancier container if you like…


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White is for Saint Patrick’s Day

It snowed. Saint Patrick’s Day should be green, not white. Let it also be known that I am not a fan of snow.

Where is spring!?

Where is spring!?

Luckily, my feet celebrated last Thursday…

Irish piggies!

Irish piggies!

And I went out and celebrated on Saturday.

Orange and green because that's how I roll

Orange and green because that’s how I roll

No comparison? Damn straight!

No comparison? Damn straight!



Sadly, the mixing of all the bevs made me a bit hungover on Sunday. And so I lost that day for the most part…. I usually sleep like crap the next night. The weather had said that snow was coming in, but it wasn’t supposed to be a lot, so I was fingers-crossing for a weather delay. Woke up and checked… CLOSED! It is one of the few times I actually wanted a snow day. Usually I only kinda want it, but I was ready to use a sick day to get out of today.

The bad thing is, today is Saint Patrick’s and I do like hanging out with my coworkers. Does that make me lame? Not sure.

Work is my new Facebook, I think.

I miss Facebook… also, spring.

Anyhow! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from my new shamrock plant!

Grocery store plant needed a home

Grocery store plant needed a home

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Possibly Back

Sometimes I don’t post for a while. Does this mean I will start posting more now that I have re-appeared? Maybe. That’s all I can say about that.

My social life has been thriving and I have been able to go out and do things with a lot of people. Lots of fun! Also, with that and the holidays, lots of delicious noms and drinks. I put on a little more Sarah over that time, but was able to get back to where I had been, so net zero. Better than a gain, so I’ll take it!

I have been running a tad bit lately. I got into The Cherry Blossom Run, the 5k and not the ten miler, and I need to be able to run at least some of it. It isn’t until April, so I have time. Hopefully, the “soft tissue damage” in my toe-ball will be able to take it and my laziness won’t prevent me from getting the time in to build up my ability.

I am actually a bit surprised at how well I can truck along given all the non-moving time I have allowed to lapse. I was able to chunk along for 3 mins/2 mins/5 mins/2.5 mins as my run/walk intervals for two cycles.

That is neither here nor there, though, if I don’t exercise that dreaded consistency thing.

I have also been attempting to eat better and have been leaning more on the paleo eating by attempting to eat more plants, protein, and fats. Although I flat out refuse to get rid of dairy. Dairy has cheese. Cheese is delicious. I will admit that it is a slippery slope… if I mess up a bit, it is way too easy to just keep on nomming sweets or bread or processed things n’ stuffs.

For January, I tried to eat in and to make all my meals in an attempt to have more control over what I ingest. I did pretty well, thus far, only three times out and they were planned outings, not “Make dinner? More like call the food to come to me!” so I don’t feel as failed.

That is all I have for now. Just some general info. Maybe I will write more later… as in a sooner-later.

We’ll see!

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Hello. My name is Sarah and I am addicted to sugar.

I often roll my eyes or scoff at people that can’t get going in the morning without coffee. I don’t need it on a regular basis, only on really bad mornings. Even then, I only need a cup or so and I stop drinking it before noon. I do not do afternoon coffee because it makes me twitchy. They get headaches from lack of coffee, I do not.

Then there are cookies, etc. I have a super hard time avoiding them. Sugar. It is my kryptonite. Stress? Sugar. Happy? Sugar. Sad? Sugar. I love it.

Luckily, I do not get headaches or anything, but I definitely know when I haven’t had any in a while. I did not have any yesterday and haven’t as of now, either…. and man, I really want some. And I am not talking fruit. That is not sugar as far as my brain is concerned. I want a cookie… or ice cream… something with tasty, processed, white sugar.

I guess of the things to be addicted to, it is not horrible? I mean, it isn’t all that great, but it’s no heroin.

My name is Sarah and I am addicted to sugar.

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Paleo or Something or Other

I am usually pretty skeptical of diets that pop up and sound a bit fadtastic. I am, however, interested in food science and eating healthier. I did the 10 Day Clean Eating Real Food Challenge and I liked doing that. It made sense, don’t eat crap because it is icky for you. I can buy that.

I had been following Dietician Cassie on twitter/fb/the interwebz and she is a high proponent of PFC or protein/fat/carbs for all meals. High quality protein and carbs along with some fats. That makes sense to me, as well.

Looking into the whole PFC and anti-processed/chemical foods led me to the whole paleo thing. You can read that. I am not going to rehash the details. Read the link for info. Now I know they are all anti-grain and anti-legumes, which I am not so sure I buy completely into. After a bit of googling, I found a ton on both sides of that argument. The anti-dairy part, too, seemed a bit hard to buy and, again, there was a lot of debate on the interwebz.

I did like this article. It was a good story, but I had a few questions. Like could the obesity thing be linked to an increase in processed foods and chems? Are we sure it is the high-carb or is it the high crappy-carb? It also lead me to research the study mentioned near the end that, at the time of the article, still had not taken place. This was a two year study, not a five year, but the conclusion was different:

“Our study has 2 main findings. First, neither dietary fat nor carbohydrate intake influenced weight loss when combined with a comprehensive lifestyle intervention. Second, because both diet groups achieved nearly identical weight loss, we were able to determine that a low-carbohydrate diet has greater beneficial long-term effects on HDL cholesterol concentrations than a low-fat diet.”

So I thought that was interesting. They said that the low carb diet consisted of low-glycemic carbs sources and that they were added back in over time.

The problem with nutrition science is that there is always something to support and refute things.

Maybe I shouldn’t research so much. Blargh.

But I am looking to lose a few pounds… or more… I have been pretty good at the exercising, lifting 2-3 times a week and kazaxe. The diet is what I have to work on… and I hate that.

So, the plan is to eat clean. Also, to aim for PFC for meals and snacks. I am also gonna lean on the Paleo in the sense of some limits on grains and on dairy. We’ll see what happens.

And this could lead to more food porn on the blog. Everyone likes food porn!

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And Howdy Do to You!

I didn’t feel like writing, so I didn’t. Now I do, so I am! Hooray!

Things are good.

I have been socializing throughout the summer with Kayaking and Tubing with wine, went to my first tailgate, and going to some fun movies. Really enjoying it. Here are some pictures so you can see… also because while I wanted to update y’all, I had no interest in typing a book out…

Played hookie from work to Kayaking. Totally worth it.

Played hookie from work to Kayaking. Totally worth it.

Metro ride after a friend's party... got to meet some local color on the train.

Metro ride after a friend’s party… got to meet some local color on the train.

Cut all the hairs

Cut all the hairs

Bag o' Jake

Bag o’ Jake

Pretty sure he wasn't here for the suet and seeds...

Pretty sure he wasn’t here for the suet and seeds…

Tailgate funtimes!

Tailgate funtimes!

Pretty sure the fall is going to be as fun as the summer! Probably also as busy! I have several things queued up and ready to go and I am sure there will be more! Maybe I’ll remember to take more pics and write them up. I also might not!

Hooray for unpredictable and unreliable blogging!

As far as the eating and moving portion.

Eating: I have been just trying to cut junk out and to do the whole PFC thing for the most part. That just means you have Protein, Fat, and Carbs at all meals and snacks. Woot! It actually is quite satisfying and makes me feel good… when I stick to it. Heh. I Have been pretty good at it, though. Just not super good. Have to work on the super part.

Moving: I injured my toe. Like enough to have to go to the doc about it. Stupid toe. Diagnosed with casulitis, which is the swelling of the soft tissue around the joint. Lame. Literally. It is just now getting better, but I haven’t been doing a lot of cardio because I am not sure what hurt it to begin with. I have been gradually adding more, and I seem to be doing alright with it.

I have been going to Kazaxe pretty regularly this month and have been trying to get back into running. I have lost A LOT of running ability and it is super demoralizing, but I guess I have to start somewhere. On the other hand, I am getting better at Kazaxe! Shaking my groove thing all over. Woot!

Because of my inability to cardio, I have actually been doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women fairly regularly. As in, I am way further into it than I have ever been before and I might even make it out of phase one and into phase two! I know! I am an animal. HA! While I haven’t noticed a significant weight/size difference, I am noticing more muscles and I know I have been getting stronger. I just need to get some more cardio going and to concentrate more on the eating.

I got this. Probably.

So there you have it.

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Where be my Z’s? (And some other stuff, too)

I am still not sleeping. It has made me grumpy and lethargic. I want to know why. I have tried benedryl, melatonin, and exercise. Oh, and I only have one cup of coffee in the morn, other than that, I am sans caffeine. Buh.

The lethargy is really bad. Haven’t done any work outs this week. I was busy this weekend with kayaking and cleaning and cooking and shopping, so I wasn’t just sitting on my booty. And really, after being outside all day and on the water, you would think I would have been tuckered out. No joy.

Kayaking was super fun, though! I went with LeeAnn, Kerry, and Kathy. It was a smaller group than I thought would go — c’mon, kayaking followed by wine tasting followed by picnicking? — but it was still a lot of fun!

Group shot! Although I managed to fail at scoothin' in

Group shot! Although I managed to fail at scoothin’ in

When we hit the water, we were going from a river outlet up the river, McIntyre Run. Apparently, the tide was out and we were going against the current. It was a super sunny and warm day, but there was a breeze and we all figured, or at least Kerry and I figured, that it would be ok to go against the current on the way out since we would be tired on the way back. Yes. It was a bit hard going, but not super challenging, still fun. We saw a lot of wildlife — herons, fish, dragonflies, bald eagles, ospreys, muskrat — as we made our way up the run. We were headed towards the winery, but didn’t make it all the way there via water because some trees were down. Sad.

Definitely glad the guy called the night before to see if we wanted to start from the wharf instead of the river. We had been scheduled to go the other way, but there were reports of downed trees and such, making it mucky and more work to get through. This way, we went up the river until it was blocked and turned around. Lucky for us, it happened to be halfway through our time! Woo!

And with the current we go! Or so we thought… dun dun DUUUN! The tide was coming in, so we actually had to fight the current. Lame! No easy paddling for us! Work those arms!!

We then followed up with a trip to Port Leonardtown Winery. We had a groupon for tastings and two free bottles! We ended up getting three bottles total for our picnic! I did find it funny that all of us opted to try sweet whites and sweet reds. Nothing dry for this bunch!

Tasting time is happy time!

Tasting time is happy time!

After eating, we went in, got some bottles for home, and headed out. It was a lot of fun and was a great way to celebrate the fourth, even if it was a few days late.

Wraps, deviled eggs, watermelon and cheesecake.... with wine!

Wraps, deviled eggs, watermelon and cheesecake…. with wine!

We just got a few bottles...

We just got a few bottles…

Sunday I spent running errands. I got some new bird things for my lanai and groceries. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon prepping veggies and foods.

Monday was work (EEEWWW!!) and then turned out to be pet day. I cleaned out the cat boxes, cleaned the aquarium and spruced up the crabitat! It was a lot of work, but my house is happier!

Yes, I have crabs...

Yes, I have crabs… although you can’t see them in this shot, just some empty shells

Today after work, I tried to nap, but the upstairs neighbors elephant children were active. That and I still can’t sleep (see above) even for naps. I baked a cake for work and am hoping to get some sleep tonight. If I can get in some time and not feel all dead, I would like to get a run in before work even though I have spin class after. I feel like I need to move, I just gots no energy!

One good thing is that I started back into the real foods thing again. I did pretty ok on Sunday, although I did get a cookie at MOMs. Other than that, I am back on track!


PS: all the kayak photos are courtesy of LeeAnn since I never remember to actually photograph the goings ons of things. Really need to work on that… I even brought my camera!

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