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So today was my first “regular” day of work. It was amazing. Eight hours. That was all. It felt short, but in a good way. Mother Nature decided that the DC Metro area needed yet another rain storm, which made the commute home not so fun. I took solace in the fact that there were a bajillion other people stuck in the wet, bumper-to-bumper crap and that it was a typical rainy commute for me. This means the commute will not be too horrible during regular hours.


While I am getting used to my fabulous new schedule, I will be working out some of the kinks on this as I figure out wordpress. I will also be trying to figure out some of the fun blogging themes to do that I like on other blogs based on days of the week. There are several different ones to choose from like Wordless Wednesday v. Wet Wednesday and Thankful Thursday v. Three Things Thursday. I will put all the themes in a box and make them fight for my affection.

That is also how I plan to raise my children.

The other thing on the horizon is that I purchased a new bike. I should be picking it up tomorrow after work. You know, since I can do things after work now. I am super excited. I will be posting pics of how awesome it is so that you can bask in its awesomeness, too. I can’t wait to see how it handles on a long (for me) ride. Just the test rides of the higher quality bikes were amazing. It was such a huge difference between those bikes and my Wal-Mart bike. The gears… they shift without clunking all over. They also shift when I ask them to not because the bike likes surprising me in the middle of a hill climb. They were also much lighter and… well, zippier.

I cannot wait to zippy-zippy-zoom and gear changing galore!

I leave you with Jake... who is also excited about the bike and job!

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