Not Yet…

So I did not get my bike yet. Sad, yes, I know. It was pretty stormy and icky out and they did not call me to let me know that it was in and built (yes, virgin bike!) until about 1830. By then I was in my PJs and chillin’ with my kitty watching the light show outside. I will go get it tomorrow.

I am kinda disappointed with how I have felt this week. I mean, thrilled about the new hours and whatnot, but I think the adjusting and the figuring out a new job are taking a bit of a toll. My mind keeps racing when I go to bed, so I end up not sleeping well. This leads to a long day and a tired me. So tonight, I am going to bed early. I will miss Grey’s (yes, I watch it). I also did not run today because I was sleepy… and it was icky out.

Well hello there, Mr Crab.

Saturday will be a long run day before tailgating and Sunday is looking to be a great bike day and a hang out day. I need to get some miles in on both this week since I have The Spooky Du Duathlon in a few. I am still making it my goal to finish and not be dead. Hopefully I will get some time running and biking in next week and the rest of this so that I can achieve that lofty goal!

How badly does the weather effect your motivation? Does a new work schedule kill your energy even if it is better?

Huh. And as I was typing this a nice line appeared through the center of my lappy’s monitor and is on all Chrome tabs and desktop. Awesome. Don’t you die on me, Computer!!! I NEED YOU!

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