Random Fact Friday!

Random facts. On Friday. Who doesn’t love them!?

For realzies, though. If you don’t, stop reading. Now.

  1. I love creative license plates… but I hate when I can’t get them. Why get all cutesy if you are the only one who knows what it means?!
  2. My hair is getting super long because I do not know what to do with it.
  3. I have never gotten a speeding ticket. Or even pulled over for speeding. (Yet…)
  4. I dislike when people use the auto-open-handicap-button and are not handicapped… or have their hands full. Lazy.
  5. My toenail polish and fingernail polish rarely match.
  6. Reality TV makes me sad.
  7. I have a bumble bee tattoo on my right wrist… because I turned 30 and wanted a tattoo. And I like bees… it is not a yellow jacket or hornet, thank you.
  8. I had a convo at work this week about Jews, Omnipresent God and Zoroastrianism. That’s how my coworkers and I roll.
  9. I love that my car is tidy bowl blue. I will be sad when I get a new one and it is not available.
  10. Allergies are attacking me in the face. Right now.
  11. I like singing to my cat. Although usually it consists of me replacing random words in the song with his name, Jake, or variations of it like “Jakey” or “Jake-ster.” Sometimes the whole song. Pretty sure it rocks his little world.

Check out Katie’s blog, too… she not only posts links to other random fact bloggers but she inspired me with the whole RFF thing. Yeah, acronym… for the cool kids.

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