First Weekend Adventures

Not a bad weekend at all! This was my first weekend that was regularly scheduled and it was amazing.

It started on Friday when I got off work like a normal person ready for the weekend. I drove up to the bike shop and picked up my new bike, which is fantastic. I did not realize how light it was until I put it on my bike rack. Super light, like whoa. It has to weigh less than half the amount my old bike weighs. Unfortunately, I did not get my bike until after 1800 and it was getting dark, so I had to wait on riding it any further from my car to my door.

Ain't she purdy??

I had to pay a little extra for the kickstand. Apparently fancy bikes don’t have them. Ah well. I did discover that it comes with a year of free maintenance which is great since the salesman told me that there is a “natural settling in” time for the cables, so the breaks might get a little soft or the shifting get a little weird. It also might be fine. If I need it to get adjusted, it will be nice and free.

On Saturday, I had a run scheduled and a tailgate, so I did not get to ride my bike that day either. I made oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies for the tailgate and then got my stuff together for a run.

The run was one of my best ones. I wanted it to be a longer run and I ended up going just over 2 miles at a 12:58 pace. For me, that is really good. It was a continuous run and I managed to chug up a major hill at the end. The best part? My hip did not give me any issues. It was a bit stiff after I sat for about 15 minutes, but it was not painful. It also did not hurt on Sunday. That is unheard of! My hip has been off and on, mostly on, hurting me after runs for the past 5 months. This is a major move forward! Hopefully, it will stay all nice healthy.

The tailgate was super fun, as well. I do not have pictures because my camera battery died and I had to get a new charger. I think my old one is still in OBX; that was the last time I know I saw it. There will be more tailgates and more pictures. The food, beer and people were awesome. I had so much fun! The game was really good, too! University of MD v. Clemson… and it was a close game up until the end and not a slaughter like a lot of people were expecting. I did not get a peanut butter turtle cupcake a la LeeAnn, but other than that it was a good time!

Today I finally got to bike. It was nothing less than perfect. The sun was out, there was a some wind and it was in the upper-60s. I went to the B&A trail where it was busy, but less so than I expected. There was a group of walkers doing a hunger walk thing, but outside of that it was not bad. I would have liked to take more pictures, but I had only just figured out my charger when I had to get out the door. Note: if something comes with an instruction booklet, read it as soon as there is an issue. It might be your fault and not that of the device… as was the case with me. Oops. Anyhow, I decided I wanted to do 20 miles since that is the distance in the duathlon I am doing in two weeks. I ended up doing 21.63 miles. I did it in 1:49:00… 11.9 mph average pace. That is the fastest I have biked. Having a bike that has working gears and weighs as much as a fat cat made a huge difference.

Now, I have the season two premier of The Walking Dead to watch.

It was a good weekend.

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