Planets Off Alignment

So my first “regular week” is stepping off on the wrong foot. Holy cow.

Monday was not too bad. It was a Monday on Monday, which to me is just how the universe wants it. It was not cool when my Pseudo-Monday was on a Friday. Really? Start on the work week on a Friday? Not cool. Work was no thang, either. In on time, out on time. Then I was supposed to meet up with Susan for delicious vegan food at Great Sage. I left a tad early so I could get some apples at Roots, a store next door. Great Sage looked rather slow… then I realized it was closed. So I contacted Susan who suggested Mango Grove — Gone. Then a Japanese place — Closed. Three places unavailable. We ended up at Akbar, a Tandoori place, which was super tasty. It was good to catch up with Susan, too. Pretty sure something was in the food, though… I had some seriously weird dreams.

Today was more what I envisioned a Monday to be like. I got to work. I battled my computer for almost two hours before I could start working, but some of my programs were still finicky and so I never got to use them. Pain in the booty. On my way home, I stopped at Jiffy Lube. This is when you find out what a horrible car owner I am. Aside from the fact that outside of nature’s rainy attempts, I have never washed my car. I have had it for about four years. Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to get the oil changed and the tires rotated and I finally made it in… granted, it’s been about six months and one thousand miles since my last change. That’s ok, though. I checked my oil earlier today and it was barely dark brown and still at a good level. S’all good.

So I take it in and wait. The Jiffy Lube guys always want to get you to buy more services, so I told the guy that I was not interested in any of it unless it was a safety issue or “it would cause my car to explode.” None of them were. So I wait…. they change the oil. Then the man comes back and lets me know that the lug nuts on the tires are rusted. That they have them off of the first tire but are afraid that the rust will cause the bolts to be stripped or something. They cannot rotate them. I am getting a new car this summer, so I am not too concerned. My tires are in good condition, but what a pain! I pay, I leave.

I get to Mom’s. At Mom’s, like a lot of hippy stores, they have a tremendous bulk section where you can use your own container after they weigh it for you. Hooray! As I was getting my shopping cart, the one next to it started to roll. I reached out to grab it, my bag slung and ker-ash. One of my glass containers broke. In my bag. Awesome. I kinda think that I am going to have to throw out the bag… and the other two, since there is glass in them. Can you really be sure it is all out? I put produce in those bags sans baggy… I do not really want glass shards in my apples. Bah.

So now I have a delicious beer and am going to prep some veggies before going to bed. I have to get up early to go to training tomorrow at a location that is going to make traffic super incredible.

Do you think I should throw out the bags? That the glass is an issue?

Do Mondays get a bad rap or are all days equally capable of biting you in the booty?

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