Du Process

I signed up for a Duathlon a while back. I thought I would have enough time to train for it so that I would feel ready to go. Not so much.

The Duathlon is an event with a lack of swimming. That is what makes it not-a-tri. You run a bit, then you bike a bit, and then you run a bit more. This one was supposed to be a 2.1-21-2.1 miles of the run-bike-run. Apparently for safety, they had to cut some of the bike route out so that it is now a meager (HA!) 14 miles.

So how am I feeling about all this?


  • My new schedule allows for more training
  • New bike makes me faster
  • My running has gotten faster
  • The weather should be nice and cool


  • Not used to new schedule; I am not training like I should because I am adjusting
  • Although faster, in the bike world, I am slow and there will be hills
  • I have never run that much in one day
  • I do not know the area, so following the bike route might be tricky

Overall, I do not feel super prepared but I think I will be able to finish. I know that some of these people are “for real duathletes” and that is intimidating. I have never done a race with multiple events, so I am a bit nervous about this whole transition thing. I’m sure that I will figure it out.

On a brighter, happier note, yesterday I ran around the block after work. It was raining a bit and chilly so I felt pretty dedicated and bad ass. I completed 1.3 miles and averaged at 11:58 pace, which is not too shabby! Afterward, my hip was stiff and a little sore. I made sure that when I sat, I kept my joint straight (no crossed legs/ankles, sat on butt and not on my foot) and when I stood, I kept my weight on both feet and did not shift back and forth. Seemed to do the trick! My hip was stiff in the morning, but not painful and by the end of the day it was almost 100%! Woo hoo! I think I will yoga in the morning to help out with the stiffness.

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