Runnin’ and Funnin’

This weekend was pretty fantastic! On Friday, Kerry had mentioned that she was doing a small 5k for her family’s church. It was the fourth annual run in memory of one of the church members who had passed away. I needed a long run this weekend and I knew that if it was up to me, the long run would be two miles. A 5k would be a nice way to do an actual long run. Another selling point was that registration was at 0830, so I didn’t have to get up super early, and it was only $15.

When I got to the church on Saturday, Kerry was already there and was waiting on me, her sister and her father. The run was so small, that there may have been 15 people running and there were no bibs. Before we started, one of the organizers told us where to go for the run. I was a little freaked out about getting lost and Kerry said she would go with me. She runs about a 10 minute mile whereas I am a 13 minute mile. I thought that was nice, but when we started the race, I freaked out about holding her back and went much faster than I normally do and had to walk pretty early on… I told her to keep going. Once we were off, I could see the course better and was ok with being abandoned.

The course was very nice. It was mostly on a paved running path with some nice little hills. The leaves were changing all over and the area was a cute little town. I enjoyed running it. It ended up being a tad long, 3.36 miles, and I finished in 43:31. That puts me at a 12:58 pace which is only 10 seconds off my PR. Hooray! My training is starting to show!

Later on Saturday, I met up with LeeAnn and we went on a DC River Cruise that was wine tasting themed. We bought tickets through goldstar at a discount. It was a lot of fun! The wine was tasty and the cheese provided was also good. The weather cooperated and it was chilly, but not cold. It was also clear, so we got a nice sunset view! There was also some good people watching on board (and on the metro) and the company was lovely! Afterwards, we went to Cantina Marina and had some munchies and bevs. It was a lot of fun! I would totally do another one of those!

Sunday was a day of running errands. I should have biked, but I did not. Boo. Too many places to go and things to get. I need to start doing some of these things after work. I am still locked into not being able to run errands except for on my days off.

Today after work, I took a quick nap and then went for a run. I was totally not feeling it. I did not want to go, but I need to get the miles in if I want to be able to Du next weekend. I decided to get in two miles, just a quick out and back on the main road. I could feel the burn in my calves pretty early on and I was wondering if I was still feeling the 5k. I kept on trucking, though. The weather was very nice for a run. It was cool, breezy and the sun was starting to go down. I completed 2:08 in 26:18 for a 12:38 pace. Not too shabby! I did take a 20 second break at the mile, pausing my time, but still. Hooray me!!!

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One Response to Runnin’ and Funnin’

  1. Kat says:

    I’m terrible at running in strange places – it always makes me so nervous that I’ll get lost…end up in a bad neighborhood…get hurt. Who knows, really.

    LOVE that you 5k-ed on a whim. Yes-yes-yes! That is EXACTLY what is so cool about running and having a body that can move!

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