The Hero and the Crown (Review)

This is one of my favorite books. I have had it for years, since at least middle school, and have read it so much it is falling apart. This is the story of Aerin of Damar, the daughter of a king and a “witch,” the killer of dragons. She is a fair skinned flame haired woman in a land of olive complected brunettes. A land where an enchanted crown once kept the kingdom safe, but has been missing for years. Trouble boils on the northern border and a great dragon threatens its people.

It is a fantastic book. It is a comfort book. I love the way it rambles on like someone telling a story and less like a chronological book. Part One starts at the beginning of Part Two, but drops into the background of Aerin up to when the problems on the northern border call her father, Tor (one of her few friends and heir to the throne) and the rest of the army away. Part two starts with the absence of her father and the arrival of Maur, the great black dragon.

If you are looking for a light fantasy read, this is an excellent read.

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