Sunday Funday

Unfortunately my Du was canceled because of the weather. It was snowy and wet on Saturday and it was only supposed to be 28* at the beginning of the race. The organizers were afraid that there would be ice. Instead of a refund, they are just rolling it over to a race next season. I am ok with that since I wanted to do one anyhow. The main issue was that I rested most of the week in prep and now I know I could have been running or something. D’oh.

Today I virtually watched a friend of mine run the Marine Corps Marathon. Good job, Kristian! He was undertrained and finished right around 4 hours! Wooo! Good job!! Afterward, I went out and bought a few essentials… and a few non-essentials.

I needed some running and biking gear. I got a new fleece and a windbreaker. I also got some reflective thingies for safety. Since it was getting cooler, I also wanted some arm socks and some headgear. I ended up getting Bondi Bands in the form of two headbands and a pony-tail hat.  I also went ahead and got some no chafe stuff and a foam roller!

Warm, visible and no chub-rub!

I also leveled up my bike by actually attaching the water bottle cage to it for better hydration. I also bought a bike computer thing that will tell me how far I went(ish) and about how fast I am going. My phone tells me that stuff after a ride, but I would like to see what I am doing while biking. It took a bit of work, but I got it on and adjusted.

Water bottle! Computer! Jake!

Part computer, part bike... CYBORCYCLE!

Food was also something I was lacking. I went to the grocery store and got some essentials. I also got some purple bell peppers. They are purple on the outside and green on the inside, kinda like an eggplant. They tasted like green peppers, though. Everything else was pretty standard fare.

Eggplant Peppers!

I also bought new nail polish crackle stuff. It is so freaking neat! You paint your nails your favorite color and then put this stuff over it and it breaks up so you can see your color beneath it. I did all my nails different colors and did one hand black and one white. So neat!

Did you do anything this weekend? Was your weather good? Did you get your races run?

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One Response to Sunday Funday

  1. Kat says:

    We did have a good weather weekend last weekend for our races – I’m sorry that you ended up tapering for nothing! Also, I just bought my first massage stick today and I’m already in love with the thing. It’s amazing.

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