Autumn Biking

I went out for a run last Monday. Two miles at about 12 minute pace. I was pretty happy about that until my hip was achy the next couple days. So I gave it a rest. I actually have not run since, which is not good. I need to get on that. I did, however, get in two fantastic bike rides.

On Tuesday, I went to check the air in my bike tires. That was when I realized that I did not have schrader valves, the kind that look like car tires, but I had the skinny presta valves. Ugh. So I had to take it in on Wednesday to get the tires aired up. I also bought an adapter so that I could use my pump at home. Although I have the adapter, I cannot get my pump to work with the adapter. It attaches on, I can hear it open the valve, I lock on the pump aaaaand no air will go into the tire. I cannot figure it out. So angry. Especially right this second since I just spent 15 minutes wrestling with it. No joy. I have to go back to the bike store and see if they can help me out. Luckily it is only about 10 mins up the road. STILL. ARG!

Anyhow, Thursday I met up with my friend Kerry and we hit the C&O Towe path. It was a lot of fun! We picked up the trail at Caderock and rode it about 7 miles before turning around. It was also a lot busier than I thought it would be, mostly with people walking or running. The trail was a lot closer to neighborhoods than I had thought it was. It was packed dirt, but was really rough. I think I will stick to paved routes after that. The leaves, although past peak, were still pretty and we saw a couple herons. It was a nice ride! I am totally up for another after work jaunt sometime, just on a paved trail!!

Kerry and Me

looking southeast-ish down the canal


Norhtwest-ish up the canal

Saturday was a pretty busy day for me. I had to haul my booty up to Frederick, which is about an hour out for me, to volunteer at the Mud Dog Run. I was joining Kerry and her sister, Jenny. More about that in a later post. After the race was run and the beer was drunk, I headed out to the Western Maryland Rail Trail. It was really nice! It had great views of the Potomac and was a well maintained paved trail. I want to get out there again when I have more time, with the later start I was afraid it would get dark while I was out there. I was also a little worn out from volunteering. I still ended up getting in just over 18 miles, which was not bad. Mostly, it was a flat ride. There were some inclines/declines, but they were really slight. The whole thing is about 20 miles; I would like to get out and do the whole thing before the weather gets much colder. That would be a 40 mile ride, but well worth it, I think! Too bad it is not closer.

Part of the trail ran through Hancock, MD

Neat bridge that connected the rail trail to the C&O Towe Path

One of the portions that was cut out of the mountain

view of the potomac

little hiking shack

So overall, the biking is going pretty well. I am trying to get a lot in now before it gets too cold. Luckily, we don’t usually get a lot of snow, so as long as the ground is free of slippery things, I can probably still get out there. Endurance Maryland as already released that the St Pat’s duathlon is scheduled for the spring. Not sure if I will be participating in that one or another one, but I want to be ready to tackle some of the spring races!

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5 Responses to Autumn Biking

  1. Kat says:

    I had to ask Marcus if he wanted to get lifts for his bike this winter so that he could train inside. Since we live in MN, there is definitely a part of the year where you pretty much need to be insane in order to even attempt biking outside. Keep on putting those miles in!

    • saroover says:

      Ha! Yeah, our DC area winters are nothing compared to what you get, although I might need a lift anyhow with the dark coming sooner and work hours.

  2. Susan says:

    I’m always jealous of your biking trips. I need to go one day, looks fun!

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