Oh Bother

Things that bother me that probably shouldn’t:

1. People that take an elevator for less than two floors. That would be one floor. Unless you are injured, you can go up one flight of stairs… or down. It really annoys me when people take it one floor down.

2. People, other than children or people with arms that are full, that use the handicap-open-door button. Also, handicapped peopled… they can use it without ruffling my feathers.

3. When someone uses on on-ramp to try and get ahead in traffic. I would rather you hit me than let you in. This is why I stay at least one lane in, so I can’t see drivers do that and am much happier.

4. Anything that is not meant to be YELLING or ANGRY or EXCITED that is in all caps. Tone it down.

5. The lack of people using “excuse me” when they bump into or cut between you and a shelf of stuff at the store.

6. It makes me sad when I see a parent out with a small child and the parent is plugged into a phone/iPod. Talk to your kid.

7. Hand sanitizer. Except in porto-Johns.

8. When my pet does something it is not allowed to do and I correct it, but the person involved encourages it and says “Oh, it’s ok!” No. No it is not.

9. Anything Christmas-y before Thanksgiving.

10. People that complain when someone cooks fish at work. Get over it. It’s not that bad. This one super irritates me because I don’t like the smell of microwave popcorn. I’d rather smell fish. If you are not going to allow people to cook fish, then all pungent smelling things should be ixnayed.

Things that amuse me and probably shouldn’t:

1. Squirrels. Yes, they are tree rats. Yes, they cause home damage… and garden damage… and trash damage… and bird feeder damage. I know, but they run all willy-nilly and swish their tail. They run up a tree and squawk at you.

2. Jake’s fascination with the hermit crabs and lack of fascination with the birds. Fail at cat.

3. Kids singing in the grocery store. Especially if it is something like the alphabet and they miss letters. And extra-especially if the adult with them is also singing.

4. Men with “long, flowing locks of hair” because I think they look silly with their girl hair.

5. Goats.

6. People who tell good stories. You know, the ones that get all excited and tell you everything and gesture and get into it. Love it.

7. People that try and apply logic to an argument when it is obvious I am not using any. Sometimes I base things on emotion… that will trump your logic in my head every time.

8. Adults riding small bikes. I see it around here sometimes. It might be because they are too poor to get a regular sized bike, but it still looks funny.

9. People switching lanes in traffic that is all backed up so they can get ahead… and they don’t.

10. Bright colored things and sparkly, glittery things.

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One Response to Oh Bother

  1. Sabrina says:

    After reading this I realize many of these things bother me too. Ha!

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