Eat Less, Move More?

This is a diet/exercise post, skip if you want.

So I have lost the weight loss momentum I had last fall. I did well for a while, but have been pretty much the same since the spring. I know the problem, I was not tracking my eating and I was not exercising regularly. I was really good for eating well most of the week and then having an “eat everything weekend” and I skipped a lot of workouts. I have been a bit better about the eating lately, but I have also been eating the wrong things.

I use MFP to track all the eating. It also tracks certain nutrients, including protein, fat, carbs and fiber the main nutrients I watch. I also keep up with sodium. The way it works is, to adjust your nutrient goals in MFP, you put in a calorie goal (1500 for me! I am too hungry at 1200.) and then percentages of that goal that you would like to be fat, protein and carbs. I go with 20% for fat since the CDC recommends 20%-35% for my age. They also recommend 10%-30% for protein, but since I want to be a bit higher on that, I aim for 40%… leaving 40% for carbs which is just below the 45%-65% recommended by the USDA. Then again, the USDA is cool with GMOs, so they might not be such a reliable source… anyhoo. MFP will then provide you with the amount in grams you need to hit each day to be at goal, green if you are under and red if you go over. It also self adjusts when you exercise. When you put in calories burned, it adds it to your daily amount and adjusts the nutrients along with it. We’ll see if I can hit my goals pretty consistently. Consistency is the key!

I also need to get regular exercise. I am doing a lot at once, but it is only 1-3 times a week. probably should be more like at least 3 times. The problem is that I don’t have a specific goal/plan right now. When I was successful it was because I was trying to get up to running a 5k. I know I can get through it now and I was bored with the C25K plan, so I was just kinda running a bit here and there with no real plan, no idea what I would be doing or how to do it better. So I am re-attacking the C25K plan, since I never actually finished it. I started at Week 6 since that is about where I am, I think. I am also re-attacking the dreadmill since I can’t keep a nice consistent pace. This should help me build up to be ready for my 5k on 3 December.

I also need to do more strength training. I had been doing some with The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess. Good title, no? It was from a challenge issued by Prior Fat Girl, but I fell off the wagon and off the weight bench. The book is super informative and has easy to understand plans along with pictures of the actual exercises. For me, it opened the door to the weight room. The main reason I stayed out was because I was not sure what to do with all those bars, weights and cables. The workout was really good! I had been seeing improvements and felt stronger. So I grabbed my clipboard and gloves and re-hit it Monday with Stage 1, Workout A.

Yes, I put stickers on my clip board and I have a pink pen.

I had lost a lot of strength…. and I totally felt it Tuesday.


Wednesday: More running and more lifting! I am going to attempt to get to the gym four times this week. I have three runs and three lifts to get done, so that gives me one “easy”day of only doing a run or a lift and a couple recovery days. Hopefully I can stick to it.

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2 Responses to Eat Less, Move More?

  1. Kat says:

    I know that for me, I have a really hard time focusing specifically on carbs v. protein v. fats. I’m glad that you’ve managed to work a system out!

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