Gotta Get Going

My motivation this week went the way of the duck. Not sure what happened, but it is Friday and I went to the gym once.

When I went, I did Zumba. Holy crap. It was amazing. It was super fun and a great workout. Loved it. Adding it to the rotation.

That was Tuesday.

Then it rained and got cold.

I think my motivation went south for the winter.

So. I have come up with a two pronged attack to get it back where it belongs.

1. Join a Club:

I am considering joining a running club. Most of the ones I have looked at seem to be for all levels of runners, not just superfastsuperfar runners, of which I am not. They seem fairly inexpensive and have events throughout the year. I think having regular events will help me keep on track.

2. Shuffle:

Tomorrow is the First Unit of Time Shoover Shuffle. I will do a 5k. On my own. You know you want to do it, too. I shall share it on Facebook, Twitter and G+, all the places I live on the internet and (hopefully) my friends will join in! Then, in another Unit of Time, I will do it again.

Shuffle along with me!

So do it! Shuffle a Length with me this Unit of Time on Saturday and let me know what you did!

Anyone know anything about doing the club thing?

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