Training Week 1

So the goals for Training this week were 5 total miles of running and two days of strength training. I did not make my goals, but I was super happy with what I did.

I have been avoiding the gym because I do not want to deal with all the Resolutionaries. Probably give it three to four weeks before going in there for an actual workout. This puts a kink in my strength training goal. So I went to Women’s Health and did the tone zone workout. I had done it before and it was pretty daggum good. So I did it… and was out of commission for two days. Oops. Still, felt good! So I only got one day in of weight training.

As far as the running, I ran further than I wanted to for both of the runs I got in. I was supposed to do one mile on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a two mile on Saturday. Easy enough. Monday I took off zooming down the street… out and back for 1.23 miles. Meh. Not too much more than I wanted. Then I was down for the count Wednesday and Thursday since I was super sore from lunging and squating for Tuesdays Tone Zone. D’oh! I went ahead and took off Friday as well, mostly because I was lazy and also because I was tired. Excuses. Bad Sarah.

Saturday was amazing. I went out to run two miles and ended up doing two and a half. I thought the loop was just two. Oops. It was not too shabby of a run. I felt like I walked a lot, but my pace was about average for me so whatevs. Then I met up with my friend, Melissa, and we biked 21 miles out in VA. Then there was delicious dinner and Sherlock Holmes. It was a super evening!

Today was a day of rest and my body needed it. I am not too sore from the run and bike, which makes me happy, but I feel pretty fatigued. I did laundry, which is in the basement, and my legs were tired. I also did something to some back muscle. It is one that bugs me regularly, so I gave it some time. I also readjusted my training for Week 2 to reflect some of the changes.

Here’s to Week 2 being awesome!


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