Dead Week

I am sitting on the couch watching the Ravens game, rooting for Texas and re-vamping my training plan. After that, I am planning meals for the week.

Why am I re-vamping the training schedule? Because whatever it is I did to my back on Sunday followed me through the week. It was getting slowly and consistently better until I tried a short run on Thursday. It did not get worse, but it did not get better. So I decided to rest it until Monday at which point I need to get the feet moving again.

So of the planned 7 miles this week, I nailed 1.23. D’oh! Now after tweaking week three of January, I have 7 miles planned for this week instead of 8.

On the bright side, I got to hang out with both Patrick and LeeAnn this weekend. Pat and I had a night in of chit chat, internet, Thai food and wine whereas LeeAnn and I got to work planning some of the details for the Titanic Anniversary Party. We also lucked out and got into Buffalo Wild Wings for free wings and cheap beer!

Socially, this was a win week. Everything else was pretty meh.

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One Response to Dead Week

  1. Kat says:

    Back problems are the worst – especially since they limit SO much of the active movement that you can do. I hope that this week brings more healing and quickly!

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