A Few of My Momentarily Favorite Things

Here are a few things that I am currently obsessed with, for good or for bad.

Not sure what it is, but I am totes digging those songs.

It’s a facebook game. A facebook game that I can’t stop playing.

My love of things that sparkle has resurfaced. I have been adding as much glitter and sparkle to my outfits as possible. I have a problem.

Grapefruits. They are so delicious and misunderstood. And no, I do not blaspheme them with sugar.

Pomelos… very grapefruit-esque, but not quite the same. Only available in the winter. Another delicious thing I am consuming in copious quantities.

Coconut oil. No, not for cooking. I use it on my skin. Is it expensive? Initially, yes, but it lasts a long time and is around the same price as good quality lotion or natural skin oil products. And since I tend not to pamper and spend money on other beauty items, I feel ok doing it. And it is MAGICAL at keeping skin soft.

Anything out there you can’t live without? At least at the moment?

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2 Responses to A Few of My Momentarily Favorite Things

  1. Kat says:

    1. I’ve been cooking with coconut oil and we love it.
    2. Please do a post on how to use it on your skin?

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