Coconut Oil is Not Just for Cooking!

I mentioned in a previous post that even though I am not big on pampering, but that I am in love with coconut oil for my skin (and I got a request from Kat to blog about it). In the winter, the dry cold air and my love of a hot shower dry my skin out pretty good. I apply lotion all the time. I have found that Aveeno work well and that Burt’s Bees works better.

I know that some people use baby oil to moisturize their skin. I just didn’t want to use that since it is petroleum based. Probably other things I use are also petroleum based, but I know that this is and I just can’t get on board with rubbing it on my skin.

I tried using Burt’s Bees which is all natural and not made of petro. It worked rather well, better than just lotion. I still had some issues with dry skin. Then I read about coconut oil on Rachel Wilkerson’s blog. She hasn’t led me astray before, so I went ahead and bought some.

This is the old bowl it lives in!

The label instructions for body care said to put jar of oil in a bowl of hot water. I let it sit in a bowl while I take a shower. By the time I am out of the shower, the oil is no longer solid, it is a liquid… well, mostly. Usually, the center is still solid, but whatevs, right? I just dip my fingers in, rub it in my palms and apply. This also means that I do not use this jar for cooking. The applying and double dipping of my fingers in the jar should makes it apparent, but I just wanted to clear that up.

Good for skin and hair!

Then, quite by accident, I discovered how awesome it is for hair! One of the things that I do not like about this is that my hands are covered in oil. Not all dripping, but still oily. So one day, I ran hands through my wet hair. It took most of the oil off so that my hands were more comfortable. After blowing my hair out, I noticed my hair was significantly softer and shinier and overall better.

So in summary: Coconut oil makes your skin and hair happy! Also, it is good in recipes, just not from the same jar that lives in your bathroom.

Still a lot in the jar after three months

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