The Problem with Plots

I have a problem.

I cannot stop a plot in the middle. I have lost days because of something or other that I’m watching or reading.

I read the first four books of Song of Ice and Fire in under a month. That would be 3880 pages. I also had work… and sleep.

I watched 6 seasons of Bones in three weeks. I also kept up with my regular shows and work.

This weekend, I read Deja Dead and Warriors: Into the Wild. Granted, they were both easy enough reads, but still.

I have had this problem… drive?… something… since I was younger. I could never put books down. It would be bed time and I would still need to read. I would stay up reading.

I also had to watch my TV shows. I hated not being able to see them. Granted my shows consisted of Thundercats, My Little Pony, SilverHawks and Disney afternoon shows. None of the plots really carried on from one day to the next. Not usually. Occasionally, there would be a two parter or something, but usually 30 minutes and done.

I’m not sure why I have this need, but I do. I can break away, but I hate it. I have canceled plans so that I can keep watching/reading something to see where it is going. But I have also put down a book or stopped watching to go out. It is just weird.

I suppose that while it is sometimes an issue, at least it is not heroine or booze!

And we all have our little addictions, eh? What are yours?


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2 Responses to The Problem with Plots

  1. Kat says:

    I LOVED The Song of Ice and Fire books. They definitely monopolized the entirety of my summer but ohmigod were they good! I realized about a month ago that I can’t put down a book that I’ve started (I was in the middle of a really terrible one) so finally I just forced myself to.

    • saroover says:

      Haha! Yeah, when I am in the middle of a bad one, I keep reading thinking “it has to get better… anytime now…” and am usually just sad at the end.

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