Once again, Lent is here. In the great spirit of giving things up and sacrifice, I have chosen to drop two things from my life: makeup and coffee. These two things are not essential. I will not die without them. I can make it through Lent without pain. They are, however, things I enjoy. Enjoy a lot.

Makeup is not something I have always been gung-ho about. Take it or leave it. No biggie. Then recently, it has crept into my life. Granted, I am still not That Girl that does her makeup before the gym or a run. Please. I am now , however, That Girl that even when running late for work or social engagement will take time to put on makeup. I got to the point where I was feeling pretty naked without it. So, good-bye makeup for 40 days. Liberating? In a way. But I miss it. Have not even donned mascara.

Earlier this week, I was talking to a coworker, one of the Practicing Catholic Persuasion, about Lent and told him I gave makeup and coffee up and he said that he had noticed I was going without the makeup and thought maybe I was just taking a break from it. Then wanted to know if it would have been rude for him to have asked about my lack of Face before I mentioned it. I told him that I would not have been offended, but some other ladies may have been.

Coffee. I love it. I love it black. Yet again, I do not need it. I only drink coffee on work days, so I do not get the headaches or whatnot without and I donot need it to function in the morning. I consider myself blessed on both accounts. I do enjoy my coffee on work mornings. It is so delicious and warm when I first get into the office and read through my emails and start the day. Comfort in a cup. I have been drinking tea instead. It’s pretty tasty, but really? Not coffee.

About a week and a half down…  six more to go.

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