Meatless March

So I have decided to go vegan for a month. Meatless March. I want to do it to see how I feel on it and also for some health and ethical reasons. I don’t want to do the vegan thing poorly, eating saltines and crap just because it has no animal products in it. (For the record, I am not sure if saltines are actually vegan…) So I suppose it is less just ‘vegan’ and more ‘natural.’ I am not sure this is something I can sustain forever, so I want to give it a month. I figure that is long enough for me to get used to it and get past the learning curve, but since there is an end in sight, it is not as daunting. I am also not going to throw out the perishables I have now. I have a half a container of yogurt and about a third of a half-gallon of milk left. I am going to go ahead and finish those off. I put a bit of thought into this and think this is a good idea.

Every Thursday, I meet my friend, Susan, at Great Sage for dinner. Great Sage is vegan restaurant. I am not vegan, but Susan is and I am not against eating vegan deliciousness. With all the vegan meals I have been eating (we’ve been doing this for a while), I realized how much is out there in the vegan food realm. I have also been getting most of my produce at MOMs Organic Market where Susan had been working. They take pride in their produce and it is super fresh and great quality. The prices are also pretty decent, I mean, it is a little higher than the other stores, but itis organic. At this store, they have a lot of what I affectionately call “Hippie Food.”

Hippie Food is that all organic, raw and good for you stuff that I like to think hippies eat. MOMs is full of the stuff and I have been eating more and more of it. A lot of it is really good and I like the fact that it is more what food should be.

There has also been a fairly large amount of data here and there regarding how bad the chemicals, such as HFCS, are for you and how bad a lot of the factory produced meat is for you. I think it really started becoming more mainstream with the release of Food INC. I think it was the first look at food production that, while it definitely had an agenda, it was not the stuff that PETA is so famous for, the shocking videos of animal cruelty. With all of this, I had started to buy less meat and dairy and tried to get grass fed and organic. Then I bought a chicken.

The chicken I bought was a free range, cruelty free chicken. It looked a bit small, but I expected that. I roasted it and picked the meat off, a grand total of around 14ounces. Since I have been counting calories and portion sizes, I knew that 14ounces was close to what a boneless skinless chicken breast from regular chicken companies weighs in it. Most of them are usually between about 10 and 12 ounces. One whole chicken was equivalent to one breast. Creeped me out a bit.

I have also been bad about eating “good” food. During the week, I am pretty consistent, but then the weekend rolls around. It isn’t that I go out partying all weekend. It is more I buy food for the week and plan for the week. When the week is over, I don’t have much food in the house. I get lazy and either have delivery or go get something quick. I also buy junk food when I go the store to get my food for the week. So really, it is just a junk food extravaganza, which, while tasty, makes me feel all blah come Monday. It’s a vicious cycle. One that I would like to stop.

With all of that, I decided to give real-vegan-food a go for a month! This is something that I want to commit to for this thirty-one days, but not something I am sure I want to commit to for a longer period. We’ll see how this goes and evaluate at the end.

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6 Responses to Meatless March

  1. Susan says:

    YAY!! You’l love it!

  2. Kat says:

    In trying to cook more meatless meals for Marcus and I, I’m astonished by the vast range of flavors and textures you can achieve without meat. Yes, there are unimaginative vegetarians who subsist on side salads, cheese and french fries. But considering that a fairly large part of the world’s population is vegetarian, there is so much more out there than we realize at first! Please keep on sharing this little journey into mindfulness!

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