Kelly’s Shamrock 5k, or The Running Gets Better

This weekend I ran the Kelly’s Shamrock 5K in Baltimore with several friends, LeeAnn, Kerry (and Dave) and Celeste (and Barb). This is the race that LeeAnn did last year as her first 5K. I missed the registration, so I did a different St. Patrick’s Day themed run the same day and we celebrated together! This year, I was super excited to have made the cut-off and to be celebrating One Year of (Pretty) Continuous Running with her.

Of course there was a pipe band!

Because there was no packet pickup on race day and since the race is (and I am, mostly) in the Baltimore area, I went to pickup both LeeAnn and my packet at Charm City Run in Clarkesville. That was where I learned my bib number was 2000. Great number, right? They did not bib-number people based on signup, but rather alphabetically. LeeAnn was 696, also a fun bib. What was also great was that Clarkesville is also where Great Sage, a vegan restaurant, is located and since my weekly Susan Date was canceled, I grabbed dinner to go!

Race day arrived, along with Daylight Savings Time (HATE YOU!) and I got myself up and ready. Had a nice Go Green T and some St. Pat themed socks and was ready to go. LeeAnn arrived and we carpooled up to Baltimore, parked and made our way towards the start. We met up with Celeste, Barb, Kerry and Dave there. Celeste was wearing her St. Pat’s 5k shirt from the run I ran with her last year. It was also where we met! I was sad that I did not think to wear mine. We chatted while we waited for the race to start. At the time, it was  a bit chilly, but it ended up being sunny and in the mid 60s. It wasfantastic, even if I did get a little sunburned… but it was sunny, so who didn’t see that coming?

Ready to go!

The course is a very nice, fast course and I knew that going in. I was also much better prepared than I had been for the Love the Run You’re With race a month ago, so I was expecting to do pretty well. At least better than 45 minutes.

The course started off downhill. It was the first downhill start that I welcomed, knowing I was not going to have to run back up it! It was also neat because of all the green shirts in the run (5,000 racers) made a neat green “river.”

Downhill! Yey!

I started pretty strong and hit the first mile in 12:00 even, which is a great pace for me even with a nice push from gravity! I made it through the second mile pretty well, but the third mile was a bit of a struggle with several walk breaks. I expected that since I had really not been pushing much more then 2-2.5 miles during my runs. It was also during the last mile that I felt my skin starting to burn. Whoops.

Baltimore! Home of The Star Spangled Banner!

I ended up finishing in 40:11 (12:57 pace), five minutes better than my last race! Woo hoo! It was also only 30 seconds shy of my PR, so I am really glad to be coming into that!(Although, if you go with my GPS distance of 3.34, it was a PR… just sayin…)

LeeAnn is classy with her post-race beer

I am less classy with my beer

Celeste and Barb made it! Hooray!

Afterwards, Celeste and Barb bid us farewell and Kerry, Dave, Jenny (who just joined us), and LeeAnn went in search of free beer. Unfortunately, the line was too long and crowded, so we went to buy beers. We got a bit separated and lost Kerry and her Krew, but LeeAnn and I got beer at the Bier Garten, where we waited for the parade (and traffic) to end. We then went to Fisco’s in Columbia for dinner and to meet up with LeeAnn’s friend, Chuck.

It was a splendid day and a great run! Here’s to things just getting better and better this year!

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4 Responses to Kelly’s Shamrock 5k, or The Running Gets Better

  1. Sabrina says:

    Hey! Great race! And it looks like a wonderful time too!

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