Lack of Meat Update

I have reached the about half-way point in my Meatless March Diet Extravaganza. So far, I have been doing well with it. I still have some yogurt left, so I have been adding that to this that and the other periodically, but have been out of milk and butter for over a week. That’s pretty darn vegan, although not completely. I have even gone out twice and managed to find something on the menu to eat, although one time, it was just onion rings. Luckily, I was not super jonsin’ for dinner. The other time lead to A New Obsession: arugual (or baby kale) with tomato and avocado dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and cilantro. O, how I love the New Salad!

Thoughts so far:


  • I have been consuming enough protein and carbs, but have actually been good about relying on actual veggies (leaves, roots, stems…) for my food
  • I have been hitting my 1500 calories easily enough without going over (unless making up for exercise) and have lost 5lbs without being hungry
  • As much as I hate to be One of Those People, I do feel atonbetter. I am not as hungry and I have more energy


  • Lack of cheese
  • I am finding it hard not to get stuck in a rut
  • I have to make a lot more of an effort to keep a variety of food. Kinda goes with the “rut.” Some of it is the attempt to continue to try and eat as little as possible of processed foods

Verdict thus far: I will definitely ride out this month to see if it continues to be a mostly positive experience.

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4 Responses to Lack of Meat Update

  1. veg-ease says:

    Are you going to keep going?

  2. Kat says:

    Even though we’re not vegans, I can definitely corroborate that eating less meat and more of everything else has done worlds to change my energy levels and the way that my body operates. Definitely do another update post next week and keep us in the know!

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