Vegan Slip-Ups

So I had decided that I would put the vegan cape aside for St. Pat’s Day so that I could consume Corned Beef. I mean, it’s St Pat’s Day!! You’re supposed to have that and cabbage and potatoes! Also beer.

I ended up consuming none of that. I was at a baby shower at a Tea House. It was fantastic! The ladies were so much fun, the games were fun (which was a super pleasant surprise), and the food was great. The food, the non-vegan food, was extremely delicious. Scones, soup, little sandwiches and desserts. Oh, and the tea? Very fancy.

This has lead me to require more Teas in my life. Not lowercase “tea” in a mug, but capital “Tea” as in Fancy Tea Pots and Tiny Sandwiches. Maybe little gloves. And hats. Ladylike pursuits and such.

But the point was, I consumed animal products during Meatless March for Reasons Not Accounted for. But I consider it only a half loss since I was planning on Consuming the Animals that day anyhow.

The slip ups are just stupid little times of not thinking. I have had two: Both have been chocolate. Both have been because I consumed them at or from Hippie Stores. Chocolate has milk in it, even when purchased at a hippie store.

Ah well. I suppose it happens.


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2 Responses to Vegan Slip-Ups

  1. Kat says:

    Fact: I always forget that honey is an animal product. And for some reason when I’m cooking I tend to overlook the fact that broth is usually actually…meat-y.

    • saroover says:

      Bees are animals, ’tis true. But I consider them bugs, which are barely removed from plants, like seaweed, and have been eating honey. Fact: I am wrong. Decision: Tasty. 🙂

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