Failtastic Running


That is how many days since the Shamrock 5k.

It’s one more than ten.

It is also how long it has been since I last ran. Here is a breakdown of My Head Talk, or The Reasons and Excuses.

Last week: I was super tired and my allergies attacked me. Hard to run when you cannot breathe. Also hard to get up and go when you feel completely drained.

This week: Spring is transitioning into Summer. The humidity is up and so is the heat. It is warm in my apartment, even in the morning. Not unpleasantly if I am not moving, but it is if I am moving. Run or Gym in the morning would mean I would be hot and sweaty, take a shower and remain hot and sweaty. And no, cold showers do not cool off your core or get rid of the ambient humidity, so I would still be nasty sweaty after. I keep telling myself that I will run after work. Then I come home and I am tired and hungry. I eat and then want to sleep.

Are these good reasons? Meh. There are worse ones, I suppose. I still fell like a chump. Especially after seeing the results of (more) consistent training on my last 5k. For whatever reason, I just cannot get myself out the door. I put on workout clothes and it was not enough. Neither was a Facebook post about how I was totally getting up in the morning. Ugh.

On the bright side, I have already walked 3.5-ish miles this week at work and I did do one session of Core Fusion: Body Sculpt. Man, I still feel all those squats, too.  And I am also still down a pound from the veggies. So this week is not a total loss like last week.



Maybe if I say it here?

Comment me some motivation, yo, so I can get up in the morning and move-it move-it!

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