It’s All About the Pace

The past couple times I have run outside and on my own instead of on the Dreadmill, I have failed at pacing. I did it at the 5K and the past two times I ran just around town.

At the 5k, I was chugging along and started to look for my friend Celeste since I felt I had been going pretty good. This was within the first mile and all downhill. I was scanning ahead and then realized I was right up with her only she was on the other side of the street. She usually goes about a minute or two faster of a pace than I do. I freaked and slowed down. And rightly so.

The past couple times outside that I just went out to do 1 mile, something I should be able to run the entirety of, I have had to stop and take walk breaks. That makes me sad and frustrated. Then, when I get home and am chunking my numbers into the computer and I pull up RunKeeper, the app on my phone I use to GPS me, I sigh at my stupidity. The Nice, Comfortable Pace I start off on at the beginning of my mile? Usually around a 9 minute pace. Now, I know that is a super Nice, Comfortable Pace for some… even a warm up, but my Fastest Mile Ever was a few seconds above 11 minute pace. Nine? Not really doable for me at this point unless I want my lungs vaporized by rapid breathing, my heart to explode and my legs to liquefy beneath me.

But at the beginning, when I am just getting going, it Feels So Right. Sadly, it just ends in frustration. On Friday, after my 11 Days of Not Running I went out to knock out a mile before work. It felt hard. I kept telling myself, “this is what happens when you take an extended break.” I took two walk breaks… for a single mile… and was extremely angry with myself. Then came home and saw that for the first half, and then periodically throughout, I kept cranking it up to a 9-1o minute pace. This was the problem. It might also be the reason that after I run outside my hip bothers me more (and boy was it the rest of the day).

Too much, too fast.

At the gym yesterday (where I rocked the Kasbah, I might add), I set the ole Dreadmill to 12 minute pace and chugged along pretty well for the 8 minutes I had for that interval. I also did a couple at 11 minute pace so I could start working on speeding up. My hip still bothered me a bit from the run on Friday, but mostly worked out and just got better throughout the day. Today? Not so painful. Even though I knocked out almost 3 miles… with the last half after biking for 8 miles.

Yeah, I bricked. And the hip? Mostly fine.

Now that I have identified this as a problem, I am going to have to work on it. Pay more attention to how fast I am running when I take off so I don’t struggle with the rest and think mean, nasty thoughts about myself.

And I will get faster… just not suddenly. Here’s to better runs and possibly less hip pains!!

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4 Responses to It’s All About the Pace

  1. Kat says:

    Figuring out pace is BEYOND tricky. I don’t use a garmin so I’m always guesstimating based on feel – I’ve definitely had those runs where I’m like…why can’t I breathe?! Answer:Someone has to slow her roll. Good luck finding the right groove!

  2. I know how you feel. I feel like I should be running faster but I’m still walking after a mile. I did do 5 miles in one hour today so I was happy about that. I have no idea how I am going to run 13.1 in six weeks!

    • saroover says:

      Goodness! Five is good! If you are doing that many, I think you can get it up to 13.1 in 6 weeks. It might be a tough one, but you can totally do it!

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