March Movies: John Carter and Hunger Games


John Carter of Mars

This was not a movie that grabbed me from the previews. I was very meh about seeing it, but my friend, Melissa, had read some of the books by the same author and was stoked about it. I told her I would go with her and am very happy I went. The only bad thing was that due to time constraints, we had to see it in 3D. To me, 3D is a gimmick that adds nothing to a movie and costs more. I avoid them when possible.

So the movie was a cheesy sci-fi, but it was very, very entertaining. John Carter was a Civil War vet that lost his family and was pretty depressed and lost. Then he gets zapped to Mars where he has super strength. He ends up in the middle of their civil war and falls in love with the Mars Princess, Dejah. The characters were fantastic. Dejah is a sword wielding, princess, scientist who is bucking her father’s orders. She is supposed to be married to end the war, but runs away instead where she comes across John and decides he can save her world. John was very likeable  and confused by everything, but full of valor and righteousness. He has no interest in fighting, but still finds himself involved as he tries to get home, only to find that he is happier on Mars. The aliens (can’t recall what they were called) were also neat. They were lanky green guys with neat tusks that are super hardcore on survival of (and leadership by) the fittest. I enjoyed them. I also loved the dog type thing that bonds to John and is his sidekick throughout. The creepy guardian guys were, well, creepy, but good. The plot was not very involved, but it was enough to keep me engaged. I chuckled at several points and was drawn in. When John is whisked back to Earth and you have no idea if he will be able to get back to Mars, I was honestly saddened and disappointed. Then, he finds a way back and, although that was the end, I was super happy.

I recommend this for someone looking for a fun movie with neat scenery and cheesy awesomeness.

The Hunger Games

I read the books.  I was stoked. Melissa read them. She was stoked. We went on Sunday of opening weekend. We would have gone earlier, but Melissa’s stupid work was in the way. Lame.

So, how was it? Pretty daggum good. Even with the changes, it was pretty true to the book. I liked the casting, there was not anyone that I saw that I thought, “Huh. That is totally not what I thought they would look/be like.” Granted, they did not look exactly the way I pictured them, but that would have been impossible. The movie was slow at the get go, but once it got going, it was good. The setting and scenery in the movie were very well done. I loved the sprawling capital and the woods of District 12. The poverty depicted was also very much how I thought it would be. I was also giddy with joy at the people of the capital! The colors, the fashion, and the excess were fantastic! I also was impressed by the whole capital society’s disassociation with the fact that they were asking children to fight to the death. How they just thought it was such a grand event. Even the comment about how it used to be about tributes and atoning for rebellion and now it was something that bonded the society together. Superb!

Some of the changes made sense to me for the sake of a movie, but others just made me sad. I did not like that there was no bread to Katniss from District 11. I did not like that the mockingjay pin was acquired in the market and was not a gift. I alsohated that the mutts did not show the features of the dead contestants. To me, that showed how twisted the capital was and was one of the major features in the book. Cutting it out was lame.

One of the things that was not represented much in the book was the control room for the games. I really enjoyed that! I like watching them track the contestants and making changes. I also liked that the days got shorter as the games went on.

Changes considered, I enjoyed the movie. I was surprised that the dread and suspense that happened during the games did not seem to be captured in the movie and I am not sure how that did not cross over. I do recommend the movie to anyone who has or has not read the book. I also heartily recommend the books to anyone who enjoyed the movie. It’s a fast, intense read and worth the couple days it takes to get through.

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