March: It’s Over!

March is over and overall it was not a bad month. I got out and socialized with some people I had not seen in a while, which was fantastic. I had a fantastic run, but then sucked more at running, but figured out some things from this and am ready to attack the run. I also added a new member to my little family which is going smoothly.

As far as the vegan deal goes, it also went pretty well. I had two meals that were not vegan and two slip ups, both involving chocolate. One of the meals was planned before I undertook this whole thing, the other not so much. One of the nights I went out, it was for dinner and there were no vegan things on the menu. Not even the salads were vegan and I was not able to swallow the whole idea of getting a salad without the animal products when that was why the price was so high. I settled on a lemon-chicken burger, which was really good. I’ll do another post later on this whole dietary thing.

Total Miles: (based on DailyRun numbers, which are rounded to the nearest mile)

  • Miles Run: 13, one mile short of last month
  • Miles Walked: 18 miles walked with my awesome coworkers.
  • Miles Stationary Biked: Eight miles in one go. Can’t wait to get back on the bike. I need to work that in.

Social Engagements: Eight, which is not too shabby! Chris, a friend of mine, was in town, so that accounted for a lot of them, as did the retirement celebrations of Jim, another friend. There was also a super fun baby shower-tea party! Although it was great fun, it did mess up some of my eating, running, and sleeping.

Movies: I got to see Hunger Games and John Carpenter, both excellent movies.

Books: Finished re-reading Game of Thrones in preparation for the Season 2 start on HBO!

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2 Responses to March: It’s Over!

  1. Kat says:

    LOVE. I cannot wait for Game of Thrones – yes I know it starts tonight, but we will definitely be watching it on DVR later this week. SUCH a good show.

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