April: Springing Forward!

There are some things I would like to see happen this April. They are as follows:

Read at least two books – but not just any books. I have three books (Sunshine and The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley and Dragonheart by Todd McCaffery) sitting on my bookshelf that I bought about six months ago and one (50 Dead Men Walking)sitting on my nook that I bought about three months ago.

Get off my lazy bum and run – Seems like every month, I start off good, but about a week and a half into it, I start sleeping in. This month, I am going to try to get in 3-4 runs a week, three of them before work. I would also like to get in some zumba this month.

Part deux of the above – Get in 25 miles this month… not counting walks at work.

Work Walking – Do this. Three times a week. With or without buddies. Even though I prefer buddies. (Weather permitting – precipitation will be a tolerable excuse.)

Stay pretty – Wash my face every night before bed… even when I don’t wear make-up.

Control the fur – Vacuum at least once a week to control the amount of cat hair draped all over things

Let the month begin!!

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One Response to April: Springing Forward!

  1. Susan Rush says:

    Go April goals! It’s tough, I am enjoying running more but bc I get home so late, I’ve had a hard time going and when I do, getting in more than 2 miles. Cant do the treadmill, gross.

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