Rain, Rain…

It’s gray and rainy here in Maryland today. Blah. I hate it. At least it is cooler than it has been, so that is something to like, I suppose. It also makes me more likely to type something up. Not that I haven’t had anything to day, just nothing I cared to throw out all willy-nilly to Interwebz World.

Sometimes you have to know when to say “no, the world does not need to know that.” That conclusion may have come from experience.

So. What do I want to share with the interweb? Well, let’s start with an diet and exercise update since I know that you are all super duper interested in what I what I eat and what I do. Well, of course! Or you would not be reading! And I know that you are out there, despite the lack of comments… oh, I know…

On with food! What have I consumed? It’s more like what haven’t I consumed. As previously mentioned, I had plans to remain vegan and wholesome while consuming what meat I had. Then Easter came around. There were chocolates involved… so I made exceptions. I also did that for random other junk. You know, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-a… pizza and Chinese.

I feel like a drug addict who fell off the wagon. Well, not that bad. Probably the same except less.

Exercise? Yeah, haven’t been feeling it. First week in April – hit it hard. Second and third, not so much. Granted I was sick the third week, the kind of sick where food does not stay in your system, but still.

I do a lot of this. The whole “this is how I did not do what I wanted, but I swear I’ll do better next time!” I have a lack of willpower. I guess I just lack the long term commitment/desire. The good thing is that I am further along right now than I was a year or two ago, but the sad part is that I should be much further along.

Ah well, here’s to one day at a time trying to keep at this.

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