The Good and The Meh

I enjoyed this movie thoroughly! It was amusing and action packed! And… well, it had Tony Stark. Mm. He is such a boozing, womanizing, jerk… and everything out of his face is pure genius. I also like looking at him. Enough of that.

I am not familiar with the comic book storyline of The Avengers, so I cannot make any comment on that. I also did not see the movie for Thor. Not that I think that would have added or diminished this movie. I enjoyed all the characters and was probably most impressed by Black Widow and Hawkeye. Possibly because they were just bad ass assassins, but it could also have been that they were newer to me. Black Widow’s fight scenes were quite amazing. Really enjoyed them. And when Hawkeye ran out of arrows at one point, I was happy because that would actually happen. No bottomless quiver.

I really loved the portrayal of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. He was just so perfect at walking the line of “I am not happy about this situation” and “I am so angsty and saaaad.” He could have easily been too emotional to like. I did, however, not really follow or like the development of too-angry-to-control to I-fight-for-justice. He was all uncontrollable, then there was one line and suddenly he was more controllable.

I don’t have a lot to say about Thor or Captain America. Both were heroic and boring. Not bad to look at, but not very interesting.

While I enjoyed Loki and his army, I don’t have a lot to say about them. He was an excellent villain and I liked his addition.

The whole thing also had a very Joss Whedon feel to it. I liked that, but I like Whedon. The action and storyline were very well done and I loved the humor. Most of that involved Stark/Ironman, but there was some extension to the other characters and even into battle scenes. It helped make it more entertaining, but was not so overdone as to make it hokey. Great move! Go see it!

This movie was meh. There were some really good parts, but there were also parts that want to far. I liked that it included real news clips and that it poked fun at a lot of different issues in society. It got a little US bashing for me at parts and went over the edge on some of the humor. There were definitely some moments that had me laughing out loud and others that left me giggling. There were other parts that made me groan and cover my eyes.

There was also a goat. A very cute one!

Overall, I recommend it when it comes to DVD or whatnot, but not in theaters. I am not sad I went to see it, though, since I had good company!

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