Warrior Dash 2012

So I did the Warrior Dash this year because last year was super fun. This year was also fun, but it was much more challenging! This year we had a good group for the noon wave. Like last year, I went with a group of people, but unlike last year we stayed together for most of the run. Eventually, LeeAnn and I felt we were holding back the rest of the crew (Kerry, Shelly, Nikki, and John), so we told them to leave us behind. So this year, like last, LeeAnn and I crossed together! This year, however, took a little longer… about 15 minutes longer.

Ready for battle!

Last year, there was a lot of scurrying under and through things. This year, there was a lot of climbing. I had to go around two of them, one of which had a drop on the far end – I don’t do drops – and the other I did not have the upper body strength to do.

Here’s a list of the obstacles and what I thought:

Trail in general – it was a nice path. It started off too narrow, but most races do that. It was nice and shady at the beginning and not so much at the end. It was that way last year, too, since the end of the race goes through the BMX course. It felt like this year, there was more on the hills. I don’t think I was in worse shape than last year, but it was hotter and I think hillier. I guess that was why it hurt SO much.

Over under – this was the obstacle last year that I cut my hand on. I went around one of the unders, stepped in a puddle that was really a hole and crabbed barbed wire when I fell. This year, no injuries! Hooray! I made it over a wall waist to chest high and then under barbed wire five times! I didn’t fall, injure myself, or lose a shoe!

Cargo Climb – an A-frame with cargo nets to climb up and over. It is high, but not too bad. They had this one last year, too. The main problem with it was having to wait at the bottom for room to climb, during which time, dirt and mud was falling down off of other people’s shoes and the ropes.

Giant Cliff Hanger – I did not do this one. It was an angled wall with a rope to clamber up. Then once at the top, you had to get over, and down to the little ledge where you drop down. I was not interested in the drop… or getting over. Yes, chicken. I did not do it.

Warrior Wall – again, I skipped. I could not get my booty up on it. The first step was about three feet off the ground to a vertical wall with tiny ledges and a rope.

Hell’s Hill – super steep hill. I ran most of the way up, stopped for a breather and then ran the rest of the way. It hurt my butt and quads.

Storming Normandy – barbed wire was strung up a bit off the ground and the idea was to army crawl through it. Rolling worked better, at least for most of it until you got dizzy. Then you just had to crawl the rest of the way. Kerry did a walking plank and pretty much shamed everyone.

Petrifying Plunge – one of the steep hills was transformed into a water slide. A large plastic sheet was laid down and it was hosed down. At first, the speed was slow and not bad. Then… it picked up and was actually a little frightening. It finished in a pool of water. Afterwards, you were nice and clean… and wet. As for me, I fell in the mud right after the slide, so I was not clean. Oops.

There was a water stop after the slide. This was where LeeAnn and I split with the rest of the group.

Horizontal Hike – an arch was created out of wood, similar to monkey bars. It was not a super hard climb, but it got tricky at the top. The cross beams were spaced a bit far when it went to the horizontal from the vertical. I was also not a big fan of trying to crawl-climb across the horizontal planks.

Teetering Traverse – ramp up, slight ramp down, balance beam, slight ramp up, and ramp down. I was surprised I did this pretty well! I am not known for my balance!

Chaotic Crossover – this really hurt my knees. It was a slight cargo climb up and then three sections of horizontal netting. This put pressure on small amounts of my legs from the rope. I got some nice bruises from that. It was fun, though!

Trenches – there were trenches with logs over them. It was low enough that you had to duck, but not too bad.



Muddy Mayhem – scary and hard. Last year the mud was about a foot deep and you actually crawled through it. This year it was waist high or more and you more swam through it. It was very hard, almost a struggle. I remember about halfway through looking up and thinking I was going to drown. But I did it!

Muddy, but complete!

Overall, it was fun, especially because Kerry and I got VIP tents where there were beverages andshowers with warm water, soap, and changing area. Loved that part and will be aiming for that next year if offered. I think that if the first year had been as grueling as this, I may not have done it again. I will probably do it again next year, though!

VIP area

Relaxing after with our (free) beer and our (not free) turkey leg

Yet another picture where I am not the classy one…

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