Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k

So up front: I did not take any pictures of the race. Not really. I was lazy. So this will not be photo heavy.

My friend, Amanda, asked me to do this race a month or two ago. I told her I would and then promptly forgot until she reminded me about a week before… I missed the online registration and was kicking myself about it. I really did not want to be in Baltimore at 0630, but it was my own fault. When I told Amanda, she said she would try and register me when she picked up her packet… AND IT WORKED! Hooray! So I was ready and registered.

The day before the race, I had an afternoon party and then a dance recital. Both were super fun with great people, but it also made for a late-ish night. This was followed by me waking at 0200. UGH! While this should have led to me getting out of bed early, I actually got up a little late.

I was running a little late and was looking for parking. Finally, I saw Camden Yards Lot C… unfortunately, it was straight and I was in the far left lane – so on to Interstate 95 I went! I circled around and called Amanda. She was hurrying with her hubby to the race because she had to go potty, so I said I would meet her there. I parked and started walking.

The race info said that Lot C was “a few blocks” from rash park, the start of the race. By a few blocks, they meant just over three-quarters of a mile. I made it to the park, got my bib and chip from Michael, and then lined up. It was the closest I cut it – it was about five minutes before start.

The race itself was well organized. It was extremely hot, though. It was 80 at the start and since it was on city streets, you could feel it! I could also feel the difference between dreadmill running and outdoor running. I think this was reminder three that I need to do some training outside and not all of it indoors. Maybe third time is a charm? Ha!

The city streets were narrow, so there was a lot of bottle necking at the first half-mile and then into the second mile, it was just a pain to get around all the people that were lolligagging. I mean, I know there were walkers, but the way they spread out across the whole street making anyone that is running have to weave all over was quite annoying. I started to run on the sidewalk so that I did not have to deal with it.

There was also a long stop for the first water. Too many people were at the table at the same time. There were also women who did not know how to do water tables. They stopped, eyeballed all the cups, and picked out the one they liked best. Just take one. There was also at least one woman who stood in front of the table, picked out a cup… then another which she filled her original cup with before picking out another cup. Again, get your water and move along. Sheesh. At least the second water went smoother and swifter.

The sidewalk lasted past the first mile before it degraded, but the street was clearer, so it was ok. Sadly, while I was running on the sidewalk, I tripped. It was a nasty one where I flailed all over and took lunge-tastic steps, but I did not go down. All I could think while it was going on and right as it ended was “NO! I am not one of those badass people that will run all bloody and injured! I will cry and stop!” Luckily, that was not something I had to worry about; gravity did not win. Unfortunately, I must’ve ganked my hip. It started hurting right before the third mile. Now it is stiffening up pretty good. Hopefully, it will heal up quickly.

At the end of the race, we got a towel soaked in ice water and a rose. Not a bad ending! I found Amanda, we chatted, and then went our ways.

The runners have completed it!

I enjoyed the race and am glad I did it. My GPS gave it as a 3.22 mile, which I am willing to buy with all the wide corners, weaving around and such. I finished in 42:27 (13:10 pace). Which is about par for me, right now, when I run outside.

Glad I did it!

Routine shot of me with something in my face!

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