Brave Review

I went out to visit my parents in The Land of Lincoln. It also happens to be The Land of Super Hot Weather right now. Not that much of the country is cool, but we have been over 100 degrees (without the heat index) the whole week. Blech. What to do in that kind of heat? MOVIE!! And my dad and grandma agreed, so after some delicious Steak n’ Shake, we went to see Brave.


This Pixar film was about a young Scottish princess, Merida, who was raised by her mother to be a princess while her father allowed her to have a bow. She becomes super good at archery and very angry at her mom. Merida and her mother fight over her role, neither one listening to what the other has to say. Eventually, after winning her own hand in marriage and causing all sorts of political issues for her family, she runs away and meets a witch. She asks the witch for a spell to change her fate. The witch provides her with a cake to give her mother. When her mother eats the cake, she turns into a bear. Unfortunately, the father is all Capt. Ahab about a bear that ate his leg, so Merida and the mother run away and discover that they have two days to break the spell before mom remains a bear forever. They begin to bond, figure out a how to break the spell and, of course, good trumps evil.

There were a lot of great bits that added to the whole story. There were the three brothers who caused trouble and a serving woman that they ‘battled’ for deserts. The three clans that come to win princess Merida’s hand have great characters. The heads of the clans and their sons are all very entertaining and different. I also loved her father and his peg leg.

The story was entertaining and the scenery was very pretty. I alsoloved Merida’s hair. You could see a lot of effort went into that wild red mane. I also liked most of the characters in it and I was relieved when they did not make the mom out to be the bad guy. The writers had the uptight mom loosen up, but Merida also had to grow up and realize that she could not abandon her role and family.

I do wish that the story was longer. The film was just over an hour and a half, but it felt short. I’m not sure what was missing; How to Train Your Dragon (Yes, I know… not Pixar) was about the same length, but it felt more fleshed out. Or maybe I just need to see it again when it comes out on DVD/BluRay.

Overall, great film definitely worth seeing!


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