The Amazing Spider-Man


So it took a while, but I finally got to see the new spider-man… The Amazing Spider-man, actually. I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun! First, Andrew Garfield was a million times better than Toby McGuire. Both in looks and in being Parker. I also enjoyed the addition of Gwen Stacy instead of MaryJane. I mean, as far as I had known, the only lady for Spidey had been MJ, but apparently not.

So in this iteration, Peter Parker is way less angsty, which I like. I also like that he pulled off the cute-but-dorky better, although a lot of times, he was way more cute than dorky. Aunt Mae also seemed stronger, less feeble and old. There was also more development of the relationship between Peter and his aunt and uncle, which made the death of Uncle Ben and Peter’s guilt more tangible. The same with the Gwen and Peter love story. Their whole relationship developed more, she did not start off as his bff/love interest next door. It was fun to watch that unfold, but it did lead to more lovey-dovey scenes. I am not big on that and it did get a tad on the saccharin side for me.

The villain, The Lizard, was very cool. Then again, I am a huge fan of dinosaurs, which are just giant lizards. The Lizard was huge and scaley and all CG, which was fine by me. They meshed him in rather well. I also liked that they portrayed Dr. Connors as more of an accidental villain. He was working on the regeneration serum so that he could grow back his arm. When OSCORP tried to rush him, he tried to be a responsible scientist, but they fired him and told him he would not be able to use it. So he was sad. Then he used it. Then he was a giant lizard. Apparently, being a giant lizard and going back and forth to being a man made him a bit loopy. He was all about turning everyone into giant lizards while he was on the stuff, but when his plans were foiled and he was ‘cured,’ he ended up saving Spider-Man. The one thing I did not get was that when he was down in the sewers being all lizardy, all these tiny lizards came to him, most of which were of a tropical variety. Did The Lizard actually attract lizards? Seems odd. And where did these specific lizards come from? Was he actually attracting them from the rainforest or where there that many exotic lizards as pets in the city?

The other problem I had with the movie was the music, particularly the piano. There was the little music they played when there was Mysterious Parker Past going on, which was a bit cheesy, and there was the Smash All The Keys Like A Four Year Old part when The Lizard was at OSCORP trying to get the gun thing to turn everyone into lizards. (Coincidentally, that was also the part where Gwen was hiding in a closet and he was hunting for her… it was the Jurassic Park raptors in the kitchen scene all over!)

So, I was glad that I saw it and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I also enjoyed the first Spider-Man well enough. I guess when The Amazing Spider-Man II comes out, I will know more about how well I like this particular iteration as a whole.

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