Where all the boyz at?

As most of you know, I am single. No boys for me right now. That is not to say that I am not looking and have not had near misses as far as relationships go. I just can’t seem to find the right one. Usually, it actually never goes further than him being interested in me, but I am not interested in him, or vice versa. It’s kind of annoying, actually. I have gone out, I have met other people’s guy friends, and, even though it is not usually a good idea, have been scouting out the work place.

Results? Big ol’ goose egg.

And I am very tired of it and somewhat annoyed. I mean, I know this is not high school or college, where I am ‘trapped’ with dozens of potentials. Now, a lot of the good ones are either married or otherwise spoken for. Or just not there. Sometimes I go quite a while without having anyone new pique my curiosity or tickle my fancy. Not sure if there are just not as many fish in this pond as They would have you believe or if I am just too picky.

While considering all of this a few weekends back, I began to revisit the idea of Internet Dating. I had put up a profile in OKCupid before, but honestly, the idea of meeting some man who found me on the internet made me a bit nervous. It didn’t help that a friend of mine (guy) was doing it and his experience, while positive for him, was just reinforcing the negative ideas I had. He would meet women who put out on the first day. Who would allow him to pick them up on the first date. Ones that were somewhat interested in relationships, but mostly interested in sex. He also had a few crazies. All of that made me hesitant about anyone out there for fear that they would expect something from me that I was not willing to do or that they were crazy nuts.

The idea of meeting An Internet Person was intimidating.

Then I heard a lot of good things about Match and eHarmony. Both of the sites you have to pay for, which to me seemed to indicate people not just looking for some ass. I talked to some people and did a little research and decided that eHarmony seemed a good fit.

The main reason I liked the idea of eHarmony was because it is a little more guided than Match. On Match, it is more up to you. You message people, they message you. At eHarmony, there are actually stages. The first one, you send (or receive) five multiple choice questions. If you read the profile of the person who sent them and you like them well enough, you answer the questions and send five of your own. You get the answers and that is the end of stage one. The second stage, you send a list of Must Haves and Can’t Stands, to better whittle down if this is someone you would like to get to know better. The next step is just called “Get to know them better.” I am not sure what that entails. Maybe I will in the future! Ha!

I think that this slow introduction will help me with the general mistrust I have of Internet People. I think it also helps you get a better feel for whether you want to meet the person or not.

I signed up last weekend, so it has been a week. My profile is finally done, so that part is good. I also wasn’t rejected. EHarmony rejects about 20% of people, so that part is also good.  I have had some matches and a few multiple choice questions that I have responded to, but it is still early. Hopefully I will have some luck in the ether since I have not had any in the traditional forum.

Here’s to hoping!

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