Ice Age: Continental Drift


This was not a movie I had on my list of movies to see, but when the chance came up, I went with it!

Now, I saw Ice Age 1, but had not seen the other two. I mean, they are periodically on TV, so I have seen bits and pieces of them, but never in the entirety. I really liked the first one and I really liked the parts of the others that I had seen. So seeing this one was not a bad idea.

First, the short at the beginning was a Maggie Simpson short. It was very cute. There was no talking, just music. It was also done in the regular Simpsons animation, but with an artistic flair. A lot of the angles were done, I believe, to mimic how Maggie saw the world. It was about Maggie’s attempt to save a butterfly while at daycare from the uni-brow baby that is her enemy. I was particularly fond of the TSA-type thing at the beginning and the way they sorted kids between the gifted room and normal room.

The premise of Continental Drift is that Manny was coming to terms with his daughter, Peaches, getting older. In the middle of a big fight between Peaches and Manny about how Manny had embarrassed her in front of her ‘friends’, the continent breaks apart (due to Skritch and his acorn, of course) and Manny is separated from his family. Manny, however, is not alone. Along for the ride on his ocean drifting iceburg are Diego, Sid, and Sid’s granny.

When the continent split, so did the plot (not counting the Skritch subplot that pops up here and there). One was the voyage of Manny and friends back to their herd. They successfully battle pirates and gain a new member, a female saber named Shira. The other is the journey of Ellie, Peaches, and the rest of the animals as they attempt to make it to the land bridge to escape the changing landscape. This also includes Peaches learning to deal with typical teenage angst as it relates to boys and true friends. Both plot lines come together when the evil pirate ape, Gut, kidnaps Manny’s family. A battle ensues and pretty much everyone is saved by Precious, a large whale that is apparently Granny’s pet who, up until now, was thought to be dead or imaginary.

It was a funny movie with a lot of great scenes, characters, and lines. It also had a nice message and no one was killed off, so it was good for kids. I am glad I went to see it.

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