The Dark Knight Rises


BATMAN! I was super excited about this! Couldn’t wait to see it! Then I did and it was fantastic! I saw it in IMAX and it was very good! The huge screen captured it very nicely!

Well, I am gonna put it straight out there. I love Batman. He is totally one of my favorites. I also think that this trilogy is one of the better iterations of him. Now, knowing that, I have to agree with a lot of critics and people that Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman totally owned this movie. I admit this after being very afraid at how well she would do. When it was announced that Anne Hathaway was cast in this role, I was not very confident that she could pull it off. Boy howdie did she! She was sexy and capable and her battle scenes were fantastic (not sure how much of that she actually did, but the intense scenes that were actually her, were very good). I am actually hoping that she stars in a spin-off. I think that would be the only thing that could wash the bad taste left by Halle Barry. Ugh.

Bane was also very impressive. He was a massive man, I think I heard he put on about 30 pounds of muscle for the role, and he was also very believable. One of the things that was impressive was that most of his acting was voice acting and gesturing. The mask on his face hid a lot of the facial expressions he could have been doing. The fact that he could still make it work speaks tons for him. The bad part was that the mask-voice-distortion sometimes made him hard to understand. There were a few scenes where I lost a word or had to really concentrate on what he was saying. I would have liked if the distortion was just a tad less.

The fight scenes in this movie were phenomenal. There were all sorts of acrobatics by Batman and Catwoman and the sheer power and strength of Bane was also very evident. I was also happy with the fighting (and acting) done by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Detective Blake.

The plot was also very good. I liked that it took place some years after the last movie, The Dent Act having given the police the authority to lock up a lot of Gotham’s worst criminals. During this time, Batman and Bruce Wayne both disappear. Batman comes back when Commissioner Gordon is shot. This also reveals that Bane is in town and is too much for the regular authorities to deal with. Bruce actually starts feeling alive again after Selina steals his mother’s pearls and his finger prints and he has to track her down.

On top of this movie being eight years after the last movie, when Batman is beaten to a mess by Bane and thrown into The Pit, another several months pass as Bruce heals and escapes. During this time, Bane totally destroys the cities infrastructure with the threat of a bomb and chaos ensues. It was actually well done and I loved the cameo of Dr. Crane/Scarecrow as the judge in the new society.

In the end, it turns out that Bane, while having caused all the problems, is not actually the brains behind the operation. The person behind it all is Miranda Tate, who is actually Talia, Ra’s al Gul’s daughter, and she is hellbent on carrying out her father’s work. In the end, Batman saves the city with a little help from Catwoman and Detective Blake, but fakes his death. Bruce and Selina run away together – happily ever after.

The ending was interesting in the opening it left. Blake, who earlier on said he was an orphan, reveals his real name is Robin. He then discovers The Batcave. I’m not really sure what they are going to do with this. Blake quit the force because he said that Gordon was right about the law becoming a hindrance and then this? It looks like they are going to skip the whole Robin plot line and go straight to Nightwing. I am not opposed to that, I was never a huge Robin fan. Seems like other people think so, too.

The movie was so good! I am so glad that I finally got to see it. Granted, I saw it the second weekend it was out, so I guess I didn’t really have to wait that long. It was a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy and as much as I am going to miss it, I’m glad they are stopping before bleeding it dry. Here’s hoping for Nightwing and Catwoman movies!

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