Commuter Math

The funny thing about living in the DC area is the traffic.

Ok. Right. There’s really nothing funny about it. Driving is measured less in mileage and more in time.

Case in point is my recent change in commute.

My old commute was roughly 58 miles round trip. Same route in and same route back, so 29 miles. In the morning, if I left at 0600 or earlier, it took about 50 minutes. If I left 15 minutes or more later, it would add on about 20 minutes. Ugh. I usually left work at 1530 or later and on a good day, it would take an hour. Usually it was closer to 90 minutes or more. Remember, this is for 29 miles.

I was also getting 27-30 miles per gallon. Lots of stop and go.

Recently my commute changed. It is now 89 miles round trip. I have one route in (39 miles) and a different one home (50 miles). If I leave my house between 0550 and 0615, it takes roughly 50 minutes. It has varied a little, like when there was an accident or if it was oddly clearer, but it is about 50 minutes. The commute home, 50 miles, takes about an hour. On a bad day, it takes 75-80 minutes.

I have fueled up a few times and have gotten 31-32 miles per gallon.

So my 89 mile commute is 125 minutes, or a little over 2 hours. My 58 mile commute was taking 140 minutes, or just almost 2.5 hours.

That’s just over a 50% increase in mileage and a 38% decrease in time. Or something like that… sometimes I fail at math. Even without fancy percents, you can see that I travel a lot more and take less time.

But wait! There’s more! With less stop and go traffic, I don’t feel as crappy and drained and it’s less wear and tear on my car!

The kicker? I like the work better!

So all around, a better situation, even if the place is further from me. Sadly, it is not a permanent gig, I am there for a project. Hopefully, I will be able to get on full time and actually move closer to make this even better!

Fingers crossed, everyone… fingers crossed!

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