Weekly Training Wrap-up

I have a plan. I took it from the internet. It is a plan to get up to an 8k from about.com.

The plan started under the premise that the trainee (that would be me) can run one mile. I could, but it was a struggle. The plan also scared me a little because it looks like the mileage increases rather quickly and I am afraid that will hurt my hip. Or just be something I can’t push through.

Since I have been a lazy bum lately, I was not so sure about my miles, so I started slow for two weeks to get back to being able to get through one. It came back pretty easily, but it still had to come back. It did, so I was able to start up on the training this week and I made it through. I did do a little augmentation and a little adjustment. Since running one mile doesn’t take all that long, only 12 minutes, I added in a little cycling or elliptical for 20 minutes. Here’s the run down since I know you all are dying to hear the details.

Monday: Run 1 mile, walk to warm up and to cool down. I did my mile on the treadmill and then the stationary bike for 20 minutes. It was a good workout. The mile was a little tough, but not horrible.

Tuesday: Cross training day. I did Zumba. I love Zumba!

Wednesday: Rest. I did not do anything. I had issues sleeping Tuesday night, so I was tired. Besides, I cross trained on my rest day.

Thursday: Run 1 mile, walk to warm up and cool down. It was technically a rest day, but I shuffled Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll do what I want. The run went very well. I ran and the only issue was boredom on the treadmill. Felt good!! Finished up with 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Run 1.5 miles, walk to warm up and cool down. This was my longest run in a while and it was the first run outside since the beginning of July. It was a sunny day, low humidity, and right around 70 degrees. It was long and I did have to push on the last bit, but I felt pretty good. I tried really hard to keep a steady pace, and I did. It was slower than the 12 min/mile I do on the treadmill, but still under 13 min/mile. Seeing that this was my first outdoor run and it was a long one, I am good with this.

Sunday: Rest or walk. I haven’t done anything yet, but I would like to get a walk in. It’s gray/drizzly (boo!!) and cool (yey!) out, so we’ll see. I am actually sore and tight from yesterday, so a walk and stretch would probably feel nice. I was actually planning on doing Zumba this morning, but the whole ‘listen to your body’ thing was telling me ‘no.’

My thoughts on this week are positive. The runs went well and I got them all in. I am sore today. My legs are tight and stiff and my lower abs are sore. My hip tightened up yesterday and got a little sore, but seems to be just a little stiff today. The week coming up increases total mileage only by a half mile, but there are two 1.5 mile runs scheduled. We’ll see how it goes!

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