Weekly Wrap Up III

This week didn’t go so well. Ok, it didn’t go super bad, either. Mostly, the weekend didn’t go well. It was a mental thing. I ate well and worked out like a freak, but I gained weight. I know I shouldn’t let it bug me, that it could be a combo of new muscle from the running, which I have noticed, and water retention due to damaged muscle tissue. But it still made me angry. That, combined with it being super gray outside, led to a lack of interest in training or eating well this weekend. Oh well. People are allowed speed bumps, right? Right.

I added in strength training this week. I did two workouts from The New Rules of Lifting for Women. This will be the third time I have started and I am hoping that the third time is a charm. It went well. I was stiff, but not incapacitated, which was nice. The last few times, I had worked too hard and could barely shuffle along. Still felt it this time, but not horrifically so. I guess that is from the zumba-ing and running. Hooray!

Monday: Planned 2 miles, got it in. It was tough, but I made it. Afterwards, I did my lifting, which consisted of squats, seated row, push-ups, step-ups, and jackknife. Felt good!

Tuesday: I went to Zumba. It was super hard. Gina is no longer doing the evening classes on Tuesday, so Elmer took over. I did not know the routine, so there was a lot of random jump and flail to the music. It was still fun!

Wednesday was supposed to be a run day, but after four days (Saturday-Tuesday) of working, I took a break. REST!

Thursday: Ran 1.5 miles, as planned. Went ok. Still felt a little tough, I think my legs are adjusting to all the new work. I did another lift workout of dead lifts, shoulder presses, lat-pull down, lunges, and ball crunches. The combo of lunges and dead lifts made my butt muscles hurt pretty good. GO BOOTY!

This was when I pretty much just went kaput. The plan had been to Zumba on Friday, run 2 miles on Saturday, and Zumba on Sunday. I was ready to flex on the Zumba in case I was tired. Turns out I did a big ol’ nada. I willingly skipped the running and Friday Zumba, but I totally slept through the Sunday Zumba. It was only a three day break, but that combined with being grumpy about my diet and eating, well, everything I am now a bit sad. That’s how it always works out, though, isn’t it? When it comes to dieting or “watching what we eat?” It seems like a great idea to eat some cookies or something. I mean what harm can this that and the other be? Then after it’s down… or the next day, it’s all “oops, my bad.”

The silver outline is that hopefully taking a few days off will allow my legs to be nice and fresh for tomorrow’s run/lift session.

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One Response to Weekly Wrap Up III

  1. Susan says:

    Beginning to lift always takes a toll on the body. I always go up a few pounds when I start a rigorous exercise routine. Keep it up though, you’re doing it right and you’re being smart about it. Plus, we all need those relaxed, do nothing, weekends. And great sage helped =)

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