Sick Day

I feel bad for calling out sick today. I just had a three day weekend. Unfortunately, I was feeling blah on Saturday and Sunday afternoon… then by Sunday, I wasn’t feeling so great. Monday, it hit. Hard.

When I get sick, I tend to attack it. Sore throat? Scratchy salty foods and super spicy foods. I like that it burns the pain…. I love that chips, mostly chewed, scratch on the way down. Even with strep. KILL IT!

I also like hot tea. I know that it probably isn’t doing anything other than hydrating me, but I like to think the hot water is scalding away the germs. I mean, you boil things to sanitize them, right? Why not attempt to boil your insides? KILL IT!

And, like many people, I love me some OTC drugs. Well, I guess they are mostly half-OTC. I like pseudoephedrine, which you don’t need a prescription for, but you do have to go to the pharmacy to get it. I also have to use pain killers since any pressure change in my face makes my jaw ache like mad. The only problem with drugs is, well, you tend to be drugged. Which is nice… fuzzy feeling of floaty all day. Problematic with work, though. Also with driving. And reading.

Hopefully, resting today will get me good enough for working tomorrow. I am going to go in tomorrow, regardless of how I feel. Gonna have to pack drugs and kleenex.
Thank you for reading my sick and semi-drugged ramblings of guilt at not being at work.

Anyone else out there attempt to scratch and/or burn out the disease? Feel guilty about calling out of work?

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One Response to Sick Day

  1. Susan says:

    I always feel guilty calling out of work. But I prefer to stew in my own germs for a while because I don’t like to burn or scratch any pain away.

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