I had caught up with Law and Order: SVU a while back. Love it. Most of it. The plots are good, but some of the characters fall flat to me. Ok, mostly it’s just Ice-T. Whenever it is an episode that had a lot of him in it, I was just not interested. I mostly just liked Olivia. I still liked watching it.

Sometimes, Criminal Intent would come on, either after or before. Never really cared for it. Then, once I had caught up with SVU, I started watching Criminal Intent. I started liking it. Then I realized, I liked all of the characters. All of the stories. I love the psychological edge to it. Now I am catching up with it on Netflix.

A few things I have noticed about Criminal Intent:

  • Despite not being SVU, it seems that there is still a ton more violence against women. I guess that is the way of the world, but when you watch several episodes back-to-back, you start to see it.
  • There are a lot of redheads in this show. I think there is at least one per episode, not counting the medical examiner and the sometimes-reddish-haired Eames. Heck, the diabolical multi-episode villain, Nichole Welsh, is a red head.
  • Goren… AKA Bobby, is fantastic. He is not super attractive gent, but not unfortunate looking. He is a little broken, but not crazy. He is really smart and does a lot of the psych stuff. He knows a lot, probably more than is believable. And, for whatever reason, I totally have it bad for him. I love watching it, mostly for him.

Hello, sexy!

So the show has a psychological edge, tends to be bad for the ladies, has a ton of red heads, and I am in love with the male lead. HA! Tell me that isn’t just waiting for an obsession.

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