Pseudo-Crushes, Celebs, and Me

Little ‘tween and teen girls always seem to have an crush on some celeb. Right now, it seems that Justin Bieber is all the rage. Previous guys have included Justin Timberlake, Ben Afleck, and some curly haired skater guy whose name I can’t recall. These guys and others have all been loved by some of my friends. Not by me, though.

I have never really been into any particular actor or musician due to their good looks. I have thought some were good looking, but I wouldn’t rush out to the latest movies or buy their albums based on the love I held for them in my heart. Even know, there are not any particular celebs that I drool hardcore over.

Now. While there are not any actors that I have a thing for, there are characters. When I think a particular character is attractive, and I see interviews or pictures of the actor, I have no interest. For instance, Tony Stark/Ironman. Love him. Totally have a pseudo-crush-type-thing on him, but Robert Downey, Jr.? Meh. I did not rush out to see The Soloist because he was in it. I did go see Sherlock Holmes, but it was not just because he was in it, and while I did think he was attractive in that, I would take Stark over Sherlock any day. As I mentioned, I have a thing for Bobby Goren on Criminal Intent, but not for Vincent D’Onofrio. As for musicians, I used to really like Toby Keith and his music, but I haven’t bought any of his recent albums, not because he is less attractive, but because to me his music has started to sound the same.

There are others.

I’m not sure if this is normal or not, but I am not sure that celeb-crushes are, either. I missed that whole stage in my adolescent development, for better or for worse. It means that I cannot now, and could not then, connect with some of my friends. To me, it was just silly, but I did feel a little left out. I only just figured out within the past few years that I kinda have the same thing with characters, but since they usually last only a few movies while singers and actors last for longer (generally). So it is still a different thing… and while I like these characters, I don’t really swoon over them. I just can’t get the screaming, crying, fainting over musicians or the interweb stalking and poster buying of actors and musicians.

Sometimes, it makes me feel like less of a chick, but usually, I don’t really care too much.

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