Weekly Wrap-Up – Lacking Workout

So this week I got nothing in. Apparently, last weekend when I was feeling lethargic, it could have been because I was getting a cold. This week, I spent Monday through Thursday hiding on my couch under an afghan. I tried going in to work on Wednesday, but cut out after half a day. So I took the week off.

Sometimes, ya just gotta!

Figure I will re-do week three this week to get back on the horse, as they say!

One thing that I am not sure about is that I have been sweating a lot lately. I mean, my body is good at sweating, but it has been a lot more lately. I thought it was because I was sick, but I have been feeling good the past two days and am still a sweaty mess. Not cool.

I did get to watch more Law & Order: Criminal Intent… and was saddened. Season 7 was.. just wrong. The characters were acting different, it didn’t seem as gritty… the cases were less ‘major cases’ and more random crimes. And… *gasp*… Bobby became less awesome. Instead of being a closed off, genius he became socially awkward and silly. Still like him, but not as well. I am pleased with the addition of Jeff Goldblum, though. Anyway, it seems that Season 7 was when it switched to USA from NBC. The writers changed, including one that I apparently liked a lot (she became a producer), and I think that wrecked it. I am getting used to some of the changes, but I am still not as in love as I was. Super sad, people.

Oh, and they changed the theme music. Super bad.

did well enough to go to my very first Book Club meeting thing today! One of my friends from high school, Gordon, is in one and we had become friends on Good Reads. He noticed my love of reading and invited me. We read The Sisters Brothers. I’ll write about it later, I think. It was not a bad read, but not sure that I liked it although I didn’t not like it, either. Anyway, the Book Club was really fun! We chatted about what we liked and didn’t like about the book, discussed what didn’t make sense, and a few Star Wars references were made. It was a lot of fun to talk about the book with people who also read the book. I love discussing what I have read with people, so this was fantastic. We also talked about The Princess Bride and Neverending Story, both movies and books. It was a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to the next one!

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