One of Those Days


Today was on of those. I shook my soy milk this morning…. it leaked. I dropped a tomato on the ground. I got out of bed later than normal, but then took longer than normal to get ready. It just started off on the wrong foot.

Wrong foot… yeah… it gets way worse for the feetsies later….

Then on my way to work, there was an accident, so it took me longer to get to work at a later time. *le sigh*

Work went ok. It wasn’t anything special, but the weather? It was beautiful today…. and it was Tuesday, which is the day I jaunt along with a friend of mine, Dave. Since I wore tights and a dress, I put on shoes and socks to walk. Fashion disaster, yes, but that way my feet wouldn’t slip around in my sneaks and give me blisters. Well, that was the plan. I now have two blistered balls, one on each foot.

Pay no attn to the callouses… you can kinda see my blister on the ball… hmph. It’s worse than it looks, thank you.

Feels like squishy pain with every step. You know what that means… no Zumba. Boo! So I ran errands instead. Less hopping around, still get things taken care of… except that there was a truck fire on my way home, so I did not make the post office. Dammit. How am I supposed to get my new glitter flats, red ballet flats, and jellies if the daggum post office is closed.

But really, who chose their hours? 9-5? When are regular workin’ folks supposed to get there? I guess Saturday. Boo.

So since one of the coworkers is leaving tomorrow, I decided to make blondies, only with chocolate chips and peanut butter M&Ms. Mmm! Cream butter and sugar – check! Add eggs – Che… wait. Crap. The first egg I cracked in… you know, right into the buttery sugar because I don’t believe in separate bowls? Totally rotten. Goodbye, egg. Goodbye, one and a half cups brown sugar. Goodbye, two sticks of butter. *grumble* In the end, I won, but really? Grr.

Maybe it wasn’t all for naught….

On top of it all, it is my late grandfather’s birthday. I miss him. Lots. But, when I told a coworker about it, right after his passing, the coworker asked “did he live a full life?” to which I could definitely answer, “yes.” The coworker nodded and said, “Good because that is what matters.”

No idea why, but it made me feel a lot better than the condolences I received. Here’s to a full life!

One of the best men ever to have entered my life.

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