Remember September? I’d Rather Not…

So… haven’t done much chatty-typy on the whole running, training, lifting thing. That is because September was pretty daggum craptastic.

Several weeks died. I had a nasty-take-off-from-work-drugged-unable-to-breathe week. One dead. Then I walked with tights on in my sneakers – blistered balls! Second week dead. Started off slow, got a few in – family reunion time! Forgot my sports bra so no running there. Couple days gone, not too earth shattering.

Got back and *surprise* blood drive. Skip one more day because I have to build more blood. Get on with the running and cut it short when I thought I was going to die… well, not die, just puke. S’ok, rest day… that is when the Charlotte to Balto crud hits. Goodbye four more days!

So, today is Monday. The greatest day to start things! Pack gym bag, go to work…. Hooray! Boots and tights re-blister my feet-balls. Gimpy walky to car… and home.

Almost a whole month gone. Couple workouts in, but nothing to speak of at all. Most of this was all stuff I couldn’t really avoid. I mean, I suppose I could have not given blood, but I feel that is important. I also should have remembered my sports bra, but well… not much to do about that, eh? I just wish it would have happened over the course of, oh, say three months or so? Then I wouldn’t’ve felt it so much.

Things happen.

Such a disappointing month as far as training goes. Other than the running/zumba/lifting thing goes and the colds, it wasn’t a horrible month. Had a swell time with the family, including meeting new relatives that were freakin’ awesome, and the weather got super nice.

Autumn is a fantastic season. Here’s to a better October – once these blisters heal.

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