From Here to There

So I am in the process of moving from Maryland to Virginia. This will put me closer to work. I decided not to enlist a ton of friends to move all my stuff and to pay for someone to move all my big stuff. In order to make this as simple as possible, The Great Purge is currently under way. I went through my books and have two boxes to donate. I was going to give them to the library, but they are a bit picky. Luckily, I have a friend who knows of a book drive going on. I also went through my closet. Holy crap. I had a lot of junk in there. Like junk junk. Stuff that I hauled to the dumpster. I also had five trash bags full of old clothes that are in decent enough shape to donate. I also had clothes that were worn out or whatnot that I threw out.

I did most of this yesterday. I also turned in my intent to vacate, confirmed with my movers, signed and paid the new place, and set up the power to be turned on in my new place.

Shit got real. I am really going to do this. After living in this town for almost eight years, in this apartment for four, and after talking about moving for at least two years, I am going to move.

While I am really excited about this, it has also added to my stress level. I also have a big project at work which has added to this. Luckily, that will be over soon and my move will be done in about three weeks. Right now, though, I have been doing what I do when I stress. Eating all the food. Which of course makes me feel somewhat better for a bit, but overall it makes me feel crappy. I have been walking a little more, but still. The weight toll of this move will probably suck.

I still have a lot to get done around this place to prep and I feel a little behind on all that. This weekend I am working on getting caught up on a lot of this. I have Monday off and hopefully by then, I will feel more comfortable with where I am sitting in regard to this move.
Soundtrack to today: Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Hobitses are inspiring!

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