Breathing is Not Optional

This weekend was supposed to full of fun. I was supposed to get some running or ellipticalling or something.

None of that happened because I caught a face bug. I am stuffy and icky, but the worst part is just the general feeling of fatigue. I do anything and I need a nap… a couple hours worth of nap. Generally, that would kill my night sleep, but it didn’t because I am sick.

This is stupid.

There was a Christmas party and a cookie exchange. Both were going to be super fun and they were going to get me in the mood for Christmas. Instead, I was barely able to breathe or move, but I did get my Christmas cards done, so that was a win.

I also got no exercise in, unless you count the vacuuming I did. Or walking to the mailbox. Instead, I did what I do when I feel bad. I ate all the food. All of it. And when I was out, I called the nice men to bring it to me. Yeah, you read that right, I sat around and ate all weekend. Greasy delivery food.

I also stayed in my PJs, robe, and slippers until after ordering food. After that, I changed into sweatpants, sweatshirt, and slippers.

Sexy, right?

So I am low on the sexy pole, the weight-loss/healthy eating pole, and the Christmas spirit pole.


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