Holiday Movie Madness

There were a couple movies coming out over the Holiday Season that I wanted to check out, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Rise of the Guardians, and Les Miserables. I went to a double feature for the first two and the other I went to on Christmas with a friend. They were all really good, although now my lower back is a bit sore from all the time in movie theater chairs. Boo!

Rise of the Guardians

Premise: Tooth fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny, and Sandman all guard children from Pitch Black. They were all chosen as Guardians by the man in the moon, who has chosen Jack Frost as a new guardian to help with the latest plot by Pitch. It was probably the best of the three movies I saw. The characters were amazing. Santa and Easter were all badass, Tooth was all flighty and sweet and the sandman could only talk with sand pictures, no voice. Jack was also really good as someone who did not know is true calling or if he was even going to help. The children couldn’t see him because they did not believe in him, and all he wanted was for them to believe. Of course, in the end they do and they can see them and he is the embodiment of fun for them. I did feel a little bad for the antagonist, Pitch. He just wanted to be believed in, too, but unfortunately, he was darkness and fear. Not something that the good guys want believed in. Anyhow, it was really good and had a lot of neat twists on the stories, like Yetis and not elves making toys and the tooth fairy uses the teeth to hold children’s memories. I highly recommend this!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Everyone knows about this one, well, everyone that I think might actually read this. I liked it. They captured everything well and made it pretty believable. It deviated some from the book, but the only reason I knew that was because I am in the middle of reading it now. It still flowed really well and had kept the main thoughts. I really liked all the dwarfs, particularly Thorin… he was very easy on the eyes. Er. I mean a really strong leader. Heh. I had been worried about this movie since the original first look people were coming out saying that because of the faster frame rate, it looked too good and was actually a bit unbelievable. Not sure what they did to fix it, but it looked great! I was a little surprised to see so many young children (think <10) at the theater. I know the book was written to a younger crowd and there had been at least one cartoon made out of it, but it was still almost three hours long. Not sure if they fell asleep or what because the children were fine, I just hardcore judged the parents. The movie was really good, though, and you should go see it if this is your kind of thing.. I know it’s not everybody’s.

Les Miserables

This is another one that is not everybody’s type of movie, but if its yours and you go see it, bring tissue! Lots of parts that make you leak from the face, death, lost dreams… all sorts. Even the end, which is as happily ever after as it could be, was still tinged with sad. The music was really well done and I liked all of the casting. Well, Marius could have been less jaw and face twitchy when he sang, but other than that, it was great. Keep in mind that while most musicals are acting with bursts of song and/or dance, this one is song with bursts of acting. I had forgotten that, but if they added in a bunch of acting, it would have been super long. It was already really long and you kinda started to feel it towards the end. Overall, very good and well done. If you like musicals and/or are a fan of this particular one, you should see it. I do not recommend dragging along someone that is not interested in them, though… that would be tortuous. Very glad I saw it with people that enjoy this type of movie!

So… that is what I think about these releases.

Anyone else see anything good this season or have anything they are super looking forward to that is out soon?

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